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One night Fire snake took the students to the top of a nearby hill. From the heights, thanks to a brilliant waxing crescent Moon, they could see the mountains surrounding the town. Despite the Moon light, they could see some stars in the sky and could also see the torches that lit some venues. Fire snake asked his students to relax and to reduce to its maximum their breathing and thoughts. Then he said to them:

—I wish to tell you something that in principle is difficult to understand. From now on, I ask you to forget everything you have learned. You must understand that you represent the fruit about to flourish of the whole community. You have entered another level of knowledge. You shall no longer be eagle wing or tail, you will be the head.

Many of the old grandparent’s teachings were left so that people find balance, peace and sustainment. Thus, they bequeathed us everything that we know to be "human beings" and citizens.

But there is other knowledge, also left by the old grandparents and that may not be shared with the people, because they would not understand. This knowledge is about the hidden side of things. That is why I brought up here. I would like for you to perceive the side of the moon not illuminated. If you stop your thoughts and look with the heart, you can see what is forbidden for common eye. I want you to know that you as with the Moon and the universe; just like that in our town, our world, there are things that cannot be seen but have always been there, that are an important part of our world. These hidden things are no more or less important than what we know. What is important is that they are part of a whole, which you intend to reach in order to flourish. For this reason it is necessary that you know the complementing part of the things that integrate the world.

In our institution, we seek to make this knowledge within reach, it will depend on your ability and virtue, of your commitment