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to yourself and the community, so that you may access them.

First of all, I wish to tell you that there is only one superior force, which has created everything that exists in the universe. That there unknown forces or forces that cannot be understood, that we call divinities. These forces interact, positively and negatively with us; as we interact with other much smaller forces.

Everything you have learned thus far is only half of what you need to know. As that splendid moon, that today helps me explain this mystery; everything has a luminous and a dark part; everything is changing, light and shadow. In the world everything is movement and is composed of opposing pairs and at the same time complementary. The rough stone is sculpted with the force of labor. You will have to learn to strive beyond what you believe you can. Your inflexible and tenacious effort will make you flourish.

The study days were intense. Teachers and priests, barely allowed them time for Fire snake and the three candidates, to work on the reflection and recapitulation of what was learned. Night Eagle however was in its fullness. The work team integrated with his three peers and the tutor, represented for him, better learning possibilities. He then understood, why Fire snake told them that they would be "Five flower".

—Everything that exists in the old grandparent’s world, consists of five parts, —began saying Fire snake in one of the study sessions. There are five directions in the world and life. In this land and this life, humans can go north, south, east or west and certainly can rise or sink. The fifth is the balance point.

For this reason, —the teacher added— the old grandparents said through the Toltecáyotl, that one of the depictions of the