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The first energy is "luminous" and in principle comes from the Sun; hence it is called "our father" or "The Supreme Lord if those who return". This energy above the Earth in its most pure state: as light. As of its arrival begins a never-ending upward path of "recycling", in which each time it will condense further. So that everything that exists on Earth, one day was light; and if a stone, a tree or men himself, is reduced to its minimum expression, it shall be energy. This energy is the source of life and for this reason, the old grandparents depicted it as the “divine water”, because of its creative power, but are not God, and water is not worshiped.

The second energy is spiritual and its origin is an unfathomable mystery; however this energy is even purer than light. In the first instance it is granted to living beings, with the mystery of life; but then, all living beings can and should increase that first spark of spiritual energy, that divine breath of consciousness.

This "divine breath", that provides spiritual life to the luminous energy is essential for the functioning of the universe, and although it exists in all living beings, in humans is most empowering. The old grandparents represented this energy, as the "wind divinity". This spiritual energy can be increased through wisdom, because another representation of the spiritual energy is the Feathered Serpent, par excellence symbol of the old grandparent’s knowledge and wisdom.

This is how, this wisdom is crouching in the religion of our wise ancestors; from its earliest origins, "The divinity of water" is always present and especially the "Feathered Serpent", as the most exalted expression of human desire; in which his spirit, escaping matter darkness and its inexorable corruption; reencounters through wisdom and spiritual sacrifice, its luminous origin.

Dear boy, hope of our people, —said the high priest, after a few minutes of silence— you should