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know that everything inherited from our wise ancestors in our religion, customs, legends and in everything that makes up our existence; can be synthetized in the human beings possibility of releasing their spiritual energy from matter, sentenced to the inertia of corruption and death.

That is the wonder and prodigy of being a man and being alive. This is accomplished through a lifetime of sacrifices and full of wisdom and virtue. Men are composed of two opposing energies and at the same time are complementing. Matter and spirit require one another. The challenge is the equilibrium search; matter purification, with the sacrifice cosmic fire, which frees the spirit from earthly death.

Thus, life is the opportunity, which man has to transcend existence. It is the pursuit of a higher stage of his spiritual energy. Transcend the death of matter, in the quest for eternal spiritual life; ancient aspiration of human beings on earth."

Night Eagle asked the high priest, why keep this knowledge away from the village men. Why they only knew external forms of religion.

Night lightning remained silent for a while, to consider the exact words that could explain the millenary tradition.

—When the farmer harvests corn, keeps the best beans for the new cycle. These grains, the best, will be used as seeds for new planting, and thus preserve maize among men.

Similarly, not all men will become seeds of a new cycle. For common men the old grandparents left a religion, standards and knowledge, to promote harmony and community well-being.