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The life of men and the community are very important in the creation of the spiritual energy. The generating energy, the omnipresent Lord requires the spiritual energy that humans produce. As a farmer, "He who invented himself", plant men on Earth and provides them with, as any farmer, of what is available, so that the seeds germinate, grow and reach their fullness. The Lord, "that is wind and night, for whom we live"; collect the harvest, which is nothing but spiritual energy, the consciousness of being. For this reason, it is not convenient that common men are aware of these mysteries.

—Do you mean to say, venerable high priest, that the spiritual energy of men, is the food of our almighty Lord?— The student asked astonished.

—Do you not think it is illogical, that in this world, where everything is part of a food chain; that humans are not part of the chain?

The priest answered frowning.

—To be food for the Sun is to return to the very origin of the Supreme Divinity, you become part of him —said Nigh Lightning, adding after a pause—. As you can see, there are certain things which are better not known by common men. The old grandparents were extremely knowledgeable men; they knew why they did things.

—They also taught us that the knowledge world is divided into three parts: the known world, which is certainly very tiny. The unknown world, but that man can get to know, through a huge effort, and by the way it is slightly larger than the known world; and, a third, the unknown world, which never for any reason or miracle, men will come to know and is immeasurable and infinite.

Faced with this tremendous reality, which places us in our true dimension; before the wonder and prodigy of being men, being alive; and to be able to reach consciences and thus total freedom.