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No one who was present at the meeting lately held in London can doubt that the brethren were brought, may I not, in a certain measure, say, brought back, into the presence of the Lord—that the Lord has dealt with them in the manifestation of his presence, of his presence and dealings with them. This is a serious and solemn thought: and I have felt ought to take the lead, and be as the source and spring of our other thoughts. I have myself been laid by, unable to read and write, so that, for my own part, I have been necessarily more particularly thrown into His hands, so that things should be more immediately judged as in His presence; viewed as they are seen there; and that what does not become His presence should alarm the conscience : man become little, but the saints exceeding precious.

After the meeting my conscience somewhat smote me for not declaring there in the plainest way what I believe to be the Lord’s judgment of the work which has resulted in Ebrington Street at Plymouth: and it has been yet more pressed upon my conscience since I have been laid by. What prevented my doing so will be evident to every one who was there. The Lord took the meeting so entirely into His own hand, and so gave to it the character, and that of blessing, which He pleased, that I