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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Aunt living (daughter of gth Baronet) Emily Juliana: ni. 1853, Evan Herbert Lloyd, Esq., who d. 18 . Residence, 11, South Eaton Place, S.W. W-dOW living Of 10th Baxonet MARIA CATHERINE (Lady Dixie), da. of the Rev. Charles Walters, R. of Bramdean : ;. 1843, Sir Alexander Beaumont Churchill Dixie, M.D., loth baronet, who d. 1872. Residence, Stanton House, near Hinckley. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Capt. Richard Thomas Beaumont Dixie, R.M., brother of 6th, 7th, and gth baronets, b. 17 , d. 1834 : m. 1809, Harriet, da. of T. H, Wilson, Esq. of Pamcastle, co. Carmarthen : Beaumont Wilson Bowen, b. 18 Richard Thomas, b. 18 . Harriet : m. ist, 1831, John Waters, Esq., who d. 18 ; 2ndly, 18 , Thomas Morgan, Esq. Eleanor Frances : /. 18 , Col. Thomas Josephus Deverell (77th Regt.), who d. 18 . Residence, This family was settled at Bosworth temp. Queen Elizabeth. Sir Wolstan Dixie, ist baronet; received his warrant of baronetcy from Charles I., for his activity and zealousness in the royal cause, however, through the confusion of the times, the patent was not taken out until 1660, in which year Sir Wolstan was Sheriff of Leicestershire. Dixon Hartland, see Hartland. SMITH-DODSWORTH, Creation 1783, of Newland Park, Yorkshire. Sir MATTHEW BLAYNEY SMITH-DODSWORTH, 6th Baronet; b. Oct. 26th, 1856; s. his brother, Sir CHARLES EUWAKD, 1891 ; ed. at Univ. Coll., Oxford : m. 1887, Agnes Eliza, da. of the late John Crowder, Esq., and has issue. uarterly : ist and 4th, argent, a bend engrailed sable between three annulets gules, Dods^uorth ; 2nd and 3rd, per saltire argent and sable two trefoils slipped in pale gules, Smith. Crtsts ist, a cubit arm in chain mail or, the hand proper grasping a broken tilting spear or, dropping blood, Dads-worth ; 2nd, out of a ducal coronet or, a boar's head couped at the neck azure, crined and tusked or, Smith, Residence Son living CLAUDE MATTHEW, b. Aug. i2th, 1888. Daughter living Violet Agnes, 6. 1889. Pro lege senatuque, rege. Brother living Frederick Cadwallader, b. 1858 ; formerly Sub-Lieut. Govern in accordance nth (N. Devon) Regt., and Canadian Mounted Police : m. 1888. Hannah with law and parliament. Elizabeth, da. of Mr. Harrison, of Littlerock Farm, Osceola Co., Iowa, U.S.A., and has issue living, Dorothy, b. 1891. Residence, St. Gregory's, Bedale. Sister living Henrietta (Lady Beresford-Peirse) : m. 1886, Sir Henry Monson de la Poer Beresford- Peirse, 3rd baronet. Residence, Bedale Hall, Yorkshire. nes Le Maistre, atthevv Hutton LFOaswonn ^01 4, narcourt rmnumgs, icinpic, E>._ ti ;, o. 1050; cu. 41 A^UUUII uuiV. (B.A. 1883)5 Bar. Inner Temple 1889, Rev. Sylvester John James Sullivan, b. 18 ; ed. at Keble Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1883); is R. of Everingham, York : m. 1891, Constance Gertrude, da. of the Rev. Frederick Henry M. Blaydes, formerly V. of Harringworth, Hants, and has issue living, a da. b. 1892, Mabel Williama Charlotte Lane, Alice Frances Esther Jeune. Residence, Everingham, York. Anna 'Maria: m. 1854, George Prickett, Esq. (Col. 5th W. York Regt., and J.P. for E. Riding of York- shire), who d. 1886. - Catherine: m. 1844, John Dalton, Esq. (formerly Capt. 4th Dragoons), who d. 1864, of Sleningford Park, Ripon, and Fillingham Castle, Lincoln, and has issue living, Catherine Elizabeth : m. 1867 (marriage dissolved 1887), William Driffield, Esq., of Huntington Hall, York. Charlotte Salusbury. WidOW living Of 5th Baronet BLANCHE (Lady Smith-Dodsworth), da. of the Hon. George Edward Lascelles [see E. Harewood] : ;. 1889, Sir Charles Edward Smith-Dodsworth, sth baronet, who d. 1891. Residence, Thornton Watlass, near Bedale, Yorkshire. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Frederick Smith Smith-Dodsworth, 3rd son of 3rd Baronet, /'. 1822, d. 1885: m. 1848, Jane Rebecca, da. of John Young, Esq., ofWestridge, Isle of Wight: Rosa Alexandrine Elizabeth Maria : m. 1891, Aymar de Seyssel-d'Aix, Marchese di Sommariva. Rccidence, Castello di Sommariva - Bosco, Provincia d'Alba, Piemonte, Italy. The paternal ancestor of this family was John Smith, yeoman, of Ecclesfield, W. Riding, co. York, who married the sister and heiress of John Silvester, of Newland Park. Silvester, originally a black- smith's prentice at Barnsley, became Ch. Engineer at the Tower of London, temp. Charles II., and constructed a chain (then thought an impossibility) to be drawn across the Thames to keep the Dutch fleet from sailing up the river as high as London Bridge. John Smith's grandson was cr. a baronet, and married the sister and heiress of Frederick Dodsworth, of Thornton Watlass, whose surname her