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CLERKS AND OFFICERS OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS. Speaker The Lord Chancellor (Baron Herschell). Chairman of Committees Earl of Morley, P.C. Clerk of Parliaments Henry John L. Graham, Esq. Deputy Clerk of Parliaments {Clerk Assistant} Hon. Edward Peirson Thesiger, C.B. Reading Clerk, and Clerk of Outdoor Committees Hon. Slingsby Bethel, C. B. Counsel to Chairman of Committees, and Taxing Officer of Private Bill Costs Josep H. Warner, Esq. Principal Clerk of Private Bill Office Robert W. Monro, Esq. Principal Clerk of Private Committees M. A. Thorns, Esq. Principal Clerk of Judicial Department, and Taxing Officer of Judicial Costs A. W. Dubourg, Esq. Peers' Printed Paper Office Owen E. Grant, Esq. Clerk of the Journals G. J. Webb, Esq. Clerk of Public Bills H. C. Malkin, Esq. Clerk Attending the Table A. Harrison, Esq. Other Clerks E. F. Taylor, W. A. Leigh, J. F. Symons-Jeune, F. Skene, W. H. Hamilton Gordon, and Cecil Lloyd-Anstruther, Esqrs., Hon. A. McDonnell, A. H. Robinson, H. P. St. John, and V. A. F. M. Biddulph, Esqrs., and Hon. E. A. Stonor. Accountant G. Fulkes, Esq. Librarian James H. Pulman, Esq. Assistant Librarian Hon. Henry Parker. Examiners to Standing Orders C. W. Campion, and M. A. Thorns, Esqrs. Clerk to Examiners to Standing Orders H. C. Tower, Esq. Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod Admiral the Hon. Sir James Robert Drummond, G.C.B. Serjeant-at-Arms Col. the Hon. Wellington Patrick Manvers Chetwynd Talbot. Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms Samuel Hand, Esq. Shorthand Writer William Henry Gurney Salter, Esq. Clerk of the Crown Kenneth Augustus Muir-Mackenzie, Esq., Q.C. Clerks in Lord Chancellor's Office Henry Robert White, and Samuel H. Hadgraft, Esqrs. Chief Clerk in the Crown Office Adolphus George Charles Liddell, Esq. Clerks in the Crown Office G. H. Cox, and J. W. Lisle, Esqrs. Resident Superintendent Mr. Bull. Inspector of Police attending the House of Lords J. Boghurst.