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PEERS, PEERESSES, AND BARONETS, WHO ARE ENTITLED TO QUARTER THE ROYAL ARMS OF PLANTAGENET. Abingdon, Earl of. Ampthill, Baron. Arundell of Wardour, Baron. Athole, Duke of. Bedford, Duke of. Berkeley, Baroness. Berkeley, Earl of. Berners, Baroness. Berwick, Baron. Bradford, Earl of. Braybrooke, Baron. Brownlow, Earl. Burdett, Sir Francis. Burdett-Coutts, Baroness. Canterbury, Viscount. Carlisle, Earl of. Clifford, Baron. Cobham, Viscount. Cromartie, Earl of. Cust, Sir Charles Leopold. De Ros, Baron. Devon, Earl of. Dorchester, Baron. Dudley, Earl of. Dunmore, Earl of. Effingham, Earl of. Egerton of Tatton, Baron. Ellesmere, Earl of. Errington, Sir John Stanley. Exeter, Marquess of. Falkland, Viscount. Ferrers, Earl. Gage, Viscount. Grey de Ruthyn, Baron. Haggerstone, Sir John de Marie. Hatherton, Baron. Hereford, Viscount. Herries, Baron. Howard de Walden, Baron. Count Delia Catena, of Malta, Howard of Glossop, Baron. Howth, Earl of. Huntingdon, Earl of. Iddesleigh, Earl of. Jersey, Earl of. Kinloss, Baroness. Knightley, Baron. Loudoun, Earl of. Manchester, Duke of. Manners, Baron. Milner, Sir Frederick George. Mostyn, Sir Pyers William. Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton, Baron. Nairne, Baroness. Norfolk, Duke of. Northumberland, Duke of. Petre, Baron. Richmond, Lennox and Gordon, Duke of. Russell, Earl. Rutland, Duke of. St. Germans, Earl of. Scarsdale, Baron. Simeon, Sir John Stephen. Sinclair, Sir Robert Charles. Spencer, Earl. Stafford, Baron. Sumeld, Baron. Suffolk and Berkshire, Earl of. Sutherland, Duke of. Tankerville, Earl of. Teynham, Baron. Townshend, Marquess. Vaux of Harrowden, Baron. Vavasour, Sir William. Waterford, Marquess of. Wentworth, Baron. Wilson, Sir Roland Knyvet. Wrey, Sir Henry Bouchier Toke. is also entitled to quarter these arms.