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  • if* Widows of Knights being Daughters of Peers, or -widows of Sons of Peers who

received the honour of Knighthood, are referred to under the headings of the Peers, to which they are, or their husbands were, related. [See a ho Peerage lndex. ADAM, Lady. Lindsay, da. of the late John Maberley, Esq. : m. 1851, Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Adam, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C., who d. 1853. ADAMS, Lady. Katherine, da. of Rev. Thomas Coker Adams, V. of Anstey : in. 1843, Maj.-Gen. Henry William Adams, C.B., of Anstey Hall, who died of wounds received at Dudley : m. 1841 the Hon. Sir Thomas Dicksou Archibald, a Justice of the Queen's Bench, who d. 1876. Rose Mount, Carlton Road. Putney. ARNOULD, Lady. Anne Pitcairn, da. of the late Major John William Carnegie, C.B. :

. 1860, Sir Joseph Arnould, who d. 1886, some-

time Judge of High Court of Judicature, Bombay. Inkerman, 1854; raised to rank of a Knight's ARROW, Lady. Harriot, 5th da. of the dame 1855. Tlie Lodge, Anstey, Coventry. AITCHISON, Lady. Ellen Elizabeth, youngest da. of Thomas Mayhew, Esq., of Fairfield House, Saxmundham, and Crespigny late Richard Stileman, Esq., of the Friars, Winchelsea : in. 1850, Sir Frederick Arrow, Dep. Master of Trinity House, who d. 1875. Luptons, South U'cald, Essex. House, Aldeburgh : m. 1857,' Gen. Sir John AWDRY, Lad}'. Frances Ellen, da. of Aitchison, G.C. B., Col. Scots Guards, who d. 1875. 4, Devonshire Place, Portland Place, W. AlTKEN, Lady. Emily Clara, da. of T. Allen, Esq. : m. 1884, Sir William Aitken, M.D. , whorf. 1892. Grove Cottage, M'oolston, near Southampton. ALEXANDER, Lady. Eveline, da. of the late Lieut.-Col- Charles Cornwallis Michell, K.H. : in. 18 , Gen. Sir James Edward the Rt. Rev. Thomas Carr, D.D., late Bishop of Bombay : m. 1839. as his 2nd wife, Sir John Wither Awdry. D.C.L., whorf. 1878, Ch. Justice of Supreme Court, Bombay. Notion House, Chippcnham. BAKER, Lady. Frances Gertude, 3rd da. of Maj.-Gen. A. Duncan : m. 1837, Gen. Sir William Erskine Baker, K.C.B.. who d. 1881. Drinkstone House. Woolpit, Suffolk. Alexander, C.B., who d. 1885. 3, Sidney BARLEE, Lady. Jane, da. of Edward Terrace, Ryde, Isle of Wight; Westcrton, John Oseland, Esq., of Coleraine, Ireland : m. Stirlingshire. . 1851, Sir Frederick Palgrave Barlee, K.C.M.G., ALLEN, Lady.- Marian, da. of the Rev. Lieut. Gov. of British Honduras, who d. 1884. William B. Boyce : m. 1851, Sir George Wig- BARRINGTON, Lady. Elizabeth, da. of ram Allen, K.C.M.G., Speaker of Legislative the late Jonathan Pirn, Esq., of Bloomsbury, Assembly, New South Wales, 1875-1883, who Dublin : tn. 1848, Sir John Barrington, who d. d. 1885. Toxteth. Park, Sydney. 1887. Campanella, Killiney, co. Dublin. AMPHLETT, Lady Sarah Amelia, da. BAYLEY, Lady [see METCALFE, Bart.J. da. of co. Appeal, who d. 1883. Latiiners. Christchnrcli, Hants. ANDERSON, Lady. Eliza, da. of William Norrie, Esq. : in., 1840, Sir John Anderson, LL.D., Sup. of Machinery to War Depart. 1842-74, who d. 1886. ANDERSON, Lady. Elizabeth, da. of the late Joseph Barcroft, Esq., of Stangmore, co. Tyrone : ;. 1863, Sir Samuel Lee Anderson, politan Board of Works, and designer of the London Main Drainage and the Thames Em- bankment, who d. 1891. St. Mary's, Wimble- don Park. BEADON, Lady.' Agnes, da. of W. H. Sterndale, Esq. : 111. 1860, as his 2nd wife, Sir Cecil Beadon, K.C.S.I., Lieut.-Gov. of Bengal, who d. 1880. Fir Gron'e, Ascot. Bar.-at-Law, Crown Solicitor in Ireland 1868-86. ggLL, Lady. Esther, da. of William who rf. 1886 Knapton House, Kingstown, p at t'ison, of Edinburgh :;. 18-. the Hon. Sir Dublin ; 74, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin. Sydney Smith Bell, Ch. Justice and Pres. of ANDERSON, Lady. Jane Janet, youngest Legislative Council. Cape of Good Hope, da. of the_ late Archibald Wight, Esq., of who d. 1879. 6, Osborne Terrace, Windsor. of ANDREW, Henry Raeburn, Esq., of St. Bernard's and near Dnlby, Queensland. Charlesfields, Midlothian :;. 1843, as his 2nd BENEDICT, Lady. Mary Comber, da. wife Sir William Patrick Andrew, C.E., of R Fortey, Esq., Govt. Inspector of who d. 1887. . Schools, Madras: ;. ist, 1879, Sir Julius Bene- ARCHIBALD, Lady. Katherine, da. of diet, conductor of the Monday Popular Con- A. Richardson, Esq., of Halifax, N.S. : m. certs, who d. 1885 ; zndly, 1886, Frank Lawson, 1834, Sir Edward Mortimer Archibald, C.B., Esq. 31, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W. K.C.M.G., Consul at New York 1857-75, and BENNETT, Lady. Ellen Selfe, da. of the Consul-Gen. 1875-82, who d. 1884. 35, Aber- , ate Rey Hen ^ y p age[ M-A _ of Rose H ill, com Place, N.W, Worcester : m. 1841, Sir James Risdon Bennett, ARCHIBALD, Lady. Sarah, only da. of the late Richard Smith, Esq., of the Priory M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., who d. it borough Place, N. W. i. 3, Marl-