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COMPANIONAGE. 773 entered ygth Regt. 1855, became Capt. 1865, Major ist Batn. Queen's Own Cameron High- landers 1877, Lieut. -Col. 1885, Col. Comdt. 1887, and Col. 1889; retired 1890; served during Indian Mutiny 1858-9, being present at siege and capture of Luckno w (mentioned in despatches, and medal with clasp), as acting A D.C. to Gen. Officer Comdg. N. Britain 1879-80, in Soudan Expedi- tion 1884-5 (mentioned in despatches, and Bre- vet of Lieut. -Col.), and in Nile Expedition 1885-6 ( 3 rd class Medjidie) ; cr. D.S.O. 1886. EVERETT, Lieut.-Col. William, C.M.G., son of the late Rev. T. E. Everett ; b. 1844 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; entered Army 1864, became Capt. 1874. Major 1881, Lieut. -Col. (temporary) 1883, and Lieut.-Col. 1888; was Instructor in Military Drawing, Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich, 1870-7, and Assist, to H.M.'s Commnr. for delimitation of Bulgarian Frontier April to July, 1879 ; appointed Vice-Consul at Erzeroum 1879, an d Consul for ' Koordistan 1882; was attached to Turko-Rus- sian Asiatic Frontier Commn. 1880 ; thanked by Com.-in-Ch. for services performed at Erzeroum: was Professor of Mil. Surveying at Staff Coll. 1888-92, since when he has been D.A.A.G. for Mil. Intelligence at Headquarters : in. 1870, Marie Georgina, da. of the late Dr. P. Quartano di Calogeras, of Corfu ; cr. C.M.G. 1886. 5, Barkston Mansions, Barkston Gardens, S. W. EVES, Charles Washington, C.M.G., son of Charles Eves, Esq. (descendant of an old family connected with Kent and Essex) of Hornsey, N. ; b. 1838 ; ed in London, at St. Omer, France, and at Bonn, Germany ; was Hon. Commr. for Jamaica at Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London 1886, and invited by Sec. of State for Colonies to attend, on behalf of that Colony, certain meetings of Colonial Conference in London 1887 ; is a West Indian merchant in London, Hon. Col. ist Middlesex (Victoria and St. George's) Rifles, Chm. of English Committee for Jamaica Exhibition (1891), a Member of Council of Roy. Colonial Institute, and Hon. Member of Mess of W. Indian Regt. ; ap- pointed 1890 to represent Jamaica, British Honduras, and Bahamas at Imperial Institute, of which he is a member of Executive Council and Finance Committee ; has written largely on Jamaica affairs ; author of "The West Indies and British Guiana"': nt. 1865, a da. of Thomas Benson, Esq., of Beckenham, Kent ; cr. C.M.G. 1890. i, Fen Court, E.G. EwART,Zz'M/.-6V.CharlesBrisbane,C'.,5., son of the late Lieut. -Gen. J. F. Ewart.C.B.,Col. 6yth Foot; b. 1827 ; entered R.E. 1845, became Capt. 1854, Major 1855, Lieut.-Col. 1866, Col. 1873, Maj.-Gen. 1885, and Lieut. -Gen. 1888 ; served on Special Ser. in Turkey 1854, and throughout Crimean Campaign 1854-6 (medal with four clasps, Legion of Honour, 5th class Medjidie, and Sardinian and Turkish medals), and as Brig. -Gen. in command of Lines of Communication in Suakin Expedition 1885 (medal with clasp, bronze star) ; was A.Q.M.G. 1860-5, Dep- Director of Barracks, War Office 1872-7, Col. on Staff and commanding R.E., S.E. District, 1878-9, and at Gibraltar 1879-82, employed on Special Ser. in Algeria 1866, a Member of Roy. Sanitary Commn., and of Roy. Commn. on Thames Sewage Discharge, an extra A.D.C. to F. M., H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge, 1883-85, a Member of Ordnance Committee 1884-85, and Lieut.-Gov. of Jersey and Comdg. Troops there 1887-92 : m. 1860, a da. of the Rev. P. Ewart, of Ivirklington ; cr. C. B. 1 869. United So vice Club. EYRE, Col. Henry, C.B., son of the late Rev. Charles Wasteneys Eyre, of Ramp- ton Manor, Notts; b. 1834; ed. at Harrow, and at Oxford Univ. ; formerly Lieut. Rifle Brig. ; served in Crimean Campaign 1855 (medal with clasp, Turkish medal), and in Indian Mutiny 1857 (medal with two clasps) ; was some- time Capt. Notts Yeo. Cav.; is a J.P. and D.L. for Notts (Sheriff 1873), and Hon. Col. 4th Vol. Batn. Sherwood Foresters' (Derbyshire Regt.) ; unsuccessfully contested Newark Feb. 1874, and Retford 1880 ; sat as M.P. for W. Lindsey, or Gainsborough, Div. of Lincolnshire (C) 1886-92, when he was defeated: ;;/. 1861, Kathleen, da. of Rev. Robert Machell, V. of Marton-in- Cleveland ; cr. C.B. 1887. Rampton Manor, Retford, Notts ; Boodle's and Carlton Clubs. FABRE, Hector, C.M.G., son of Edouard Raymond Fabre, Esq., of Montreal ; b. 1834 ; j ed. at St. Sulpice Coll., Montreal ; Bar. Lower Canada 1856 ; was sometime editor of L'Ordre (Montreal) and also of Le Canadien (Quebec) 1863-6 ; in 1869 founded L'vetiement (Quebec) | of which until 1882 he was editor and pro- ' prietor ; has been Vice-Pres. of Dominion Editors' and Reporters' Asso. and Vice-Pies. of Literary and Historical So. of Quebec ; was i a member of the Senate 1875-82, when he i resigned and went to France as Canadian Grand Commr., and Hon. Commr. for Dominion [ of Canada at Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London, 1886 ; is an Officer of Legion of Honour: ;;/. 1864, Flora, da. of Adolphus Stein, j Esq., of Athabaskaville, Quebec ; cr. C.M.G. 1886. 10, Rue de Rome, Paris. FAIRFAX, Vice-Adm. Henry, C.B. [see Ramsay- Fairfax, Bart.]. FAIRFIELD, Edward, C.M.G., son of the late Capt. C. G. Fairfield (3rd Foot Guards), of Monteagle, co. Kerry; b. 1845 ; ed. at Harrow ; entered Colonial Office 1866 ; Bar. Inner Temple 1872 ; sent by Sec. of State 1875 to Gibraltar to inquire into constitution of Civil Departs. ; was Sec. to London S. African Conference 1876, and Assist. Private Sec. to E. Kimberley 1880 ; became a ist class clerk in Colonial Office 1880 ; sent in 1881 to Cyprus to report upon Adminis- tration of the Island ; appointed Head of S. African and Eastern Depart, of Colonial Office 1889, and Assist. Under Sec. of State for the Colonies 1892 ; was for 12 years editor of the "Colonial Office List"; cr. C.M.G. 1885. 7, Park Place, St. James's, S. IV. ; Reform Club. FARNALL, Harry de la Rosa Burrard, C.M.G., son of the late Harry Burrard Farnall Esq., C.B. ; .1852; entered Foreign Offic 1873; employed at Colonial Office 1880-81 ; attached to Roy. Commn. for negotiation of a Treaty of Commerce with France 1881 ; war Sec. to British Delegates to International Sub marine Cables Conferences at Paris 1882 anc 1886, and to Channel Fisheries Negotiations with France 1886, Sec. to International Sugar Con- ferences in London 1887-8, and to Special Commn. under Sugar Bounties Convention 1889, and Sec. to British Delegates to Inter- national Conference at Madrid for Protection of Industrial Property 1890 ; appointed an Acting 2nd Sec. in Diplo. Ser. 1891 ; cr. C.M.G. 1890" Wingfield House, Lee, S.E. ; St. James's Club. FARQUHARSON, Lieut.-Col. John, C.B. ; second son of the late Rev. Charles Macpherson, Minister of Tomintoul, Banffshire ; b. 1839 ; entered R.E. 1859, became Capt. 1872, Major 1881, and Lieut.-Col. 1887 (h-p. 1892); assumed in 1888 the surname of Farquharson in lieu of his patronymic ; is Executive Officer, Ordnance Survey ; cr. C.B. 1890. Corrachree, Tarlaiid, A berdccnshire. FARRELL, Dep. Surg.-Gen. George, C.B,; b. 1831 ; entered Bengal Med. Ser. 1856, and became Dep.-Surg.-Gen. 1886 ; retired 1891 ;