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The Extent and Military Force of the Empire, in the Age of the Antonines

Introduction 1
Moderation of Augustus 1
Imitated by his Successors 3
Conquest of Britain, the First Exception to it 3
Conquest of Dacia, the Second Exception to it 5
Conquests of Trajan in the East 6
Resigned by his Successor Hadrian 7
Contrast of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius 7
Pacific System of Hadrian and the two Antonines 8
Defensive Wars of Marcus Antoninus 8
Military Establishment of the Roman Emperors 9
Discipline 10
Exercises 11
The Legions under the Emperors 12
Arms 12
Cavalry 13
Auxiliaries 14
Artillery 15
Encampment 15
March 16
Number and Disposition of the Legions 16
Navy 17
Amount of the whole Establishment 18
View of the Provinces of the Roman Empire 18
Spain 19
Gaul 19
Britain 20
Italy 20
The Danube and Illyrian Frontier 21
Rhætia 22
Noricum and Pannonia 22
Dalmatia 22
Mæsia and Dacia 22
Thrace, Macedonia, and Greece 23
Asia Minor 23
Syria, Phœnicia, and Palestine 24