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242 The Persian War 190
243 The Arts of Philip 191
244 Murder of Gordian 191
Form of a Military Republic 192
Reign of Philip 193
248 Secular Games 193
Decline of the Roman Empire 193

Of the State of Persia after the Restoration of the Monarchy by Artaxerxes

The Barbarians of the East and of the North 195
Revolutions of Asia 195
The Persian Monarchy restored by Artaxerxes 196
Reformation of the Magian Religion 197
Persian Theology, two Principles 198
Religious Worship 200
Ceremonies and moral Precepts 200
Encouragement of Agriculture 201
Power of the Magi 201
Spirit of Persecution 203
Establishment of the Royal Authority in the Provinces 203
Extent and Population of Persia 204
Recapitulation of the War between the Parthian and Roman Empires 205
165 Cities of Seleucia and Ctesiphon 205
216 Conquest of Osrhoene by the Romans 207
230 Artaxerxes claims the Provinces of Asia, and declares War against the Romans 208
233 Pretended Victory of Alexander Severus 208
More probable Account of the War 209
240 Character and Maxims of Artaxerxes 211
Military Power ofthe Persians 211
Their Infantry contemptible 211
Their Cavalry excellent 212

The State of Germany till the Invasion of the Barbarians, in the Time of the Emperor Decius

Extent of Germany 213
Climate 214
Its Effects on the Natives 215
Origin of the Germans 216
Fables and Conjectures 217
The Germans ignorant of Letters 218
—————————— of Arts and Agriculture 218
—————————— of the Use of Metals 220
Their Indolence 221
Their Taste for Strong Liquors 222
State of Population 222