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  German Freedom 223
Assemblies of the People 224
Authority of the Princes and Magistrates 225
More Absolute over the Property, than over the Persons of the Germans 225
Voluntary Engagements 226
German Chastity 227
Its Probable Causes 227
Religion 229
Its Effects in Peace 229
———— in War 230
The Bards 230
Causes which checked the Progress of the Germans 231
Want of Arms 231
——— Discipline 232
Civil Dissensions of Germany 233
Fomented by the Policy of Rome 233
Transient Union against Marcus Antoninus 234
Distinction of the German Tribes 235
Numbers 236

The Emperors Decius, Gallus, Æmilianus, Valerian, and Gallicnus—The General Irruption of the Barbarians—The Thirty Tyrants

248-268 The Nature of the Subject 237
The Emperor Philip 237
249 Services, Revolt, Victory, and Reign of the Emperor Decius 238
250 He marches against the Goths 239
Origin of the Goths from Scandinavia 239
Religion of the Goths 240
Institutions and Death of Odin 240
Agreeable, but uncertain Hypothesis concerning Odin 241
Emigration of the Goths from Scandinavia into Prussia 241
————— from Prussia to the Ukraine 242
The Gothic Nation increases in its March 243
Distinction of the Germans and Sarmatians 244
Description of the Ukraine 244
The Goths invade the Roman Provinces 245
250 Various Events of the Gothic War 246
251 Decius revives the office of Censor in the Person of Valerian 247
The Design Impracticable, and without Effect 248
Defeat and Death of Decius and his Son 249
251 Election of Gallus 250
252 Retreat of the Goths 250
Gallus purchases Peace by the Payment of an annual Tribute 250
Popular Discontent 251
253 Victory and Revolt of Æmilianus 251
Gallus abandoned and slain 252
Valerian revenges the Death of Gallus 252
Is acknowledged Emperor 252
Character of Valerian 253