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253-268 General Misfortunes Of the Reigns of Valerian and Gallienus 253
Inroads of the Barbarians 254
Origin and Confederacy of the Franks 254
They invade Gaul 255
Ravage Spain 256
Pass over into Africa 256
Origin and Renown of the Suevi 257
A mixed body of Suevi assume the name of Alemanni 257
Invade Gaul and Italy 258
Are repulsed from Rome by the Senate and People 258
The Senators excluded by Gallienus from the Military Service 258
Gallienus contracts an Alliance with the Alemanni 259
Inroads of the Goths 259
Conquest of the Bosphorus by the Goths 260
The Goths acquire a Naval Force 261
First Naval Expedition of the Goths 262
The Goths besiege and take Trebizond 262
The Second Expedition of the Goths 263
They plunder the Cities of Bithynia 263
Retreat of the Goths 265
Third Naval Expedition of the Goths 265
They pass the Bosphorus and the Hellespont 265
Ravage Greece, and threaten Italy 266
Their Divisions and Retreat 266
Ruin of the Temple of Ephesus 267
Conduct of the Goths at Athens 268
Conquest of Armenia by the Persians 268
Valerian marches into the East 269
260 Is defeated and taken prisoner by Sapor, King of Persia 269
Sapor overruns Syria, Cilicia, and Cappadocia 270
Boldness and Success of Odenathus against Sapor 272
Treatment of Valerian 272
Character and Administration of Gallienus 273
The Thirty Tyrants 274
Their real Number not more than nineteen 275
Character and Merit of the Tyrants 275
Their obscure Birth 276
The Causes of their Rebellion 276
Their violent Deaths 277
Fatal Consequences of these Usurpations 277
Disorders of Sicily 279
Tumults of Alexandria 279
Rebellion of the Isaurians 280
Famine and Pestilence 281
Diminution of the Human Species 281

Reign of Claudius—Defeat of the Goths—Victories, Triumph and Death of Aurelian

268 Aureolus invades Italy, is defeated, and besieged at Milan 283
Death of Gallienus 284