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If it had not been so, how could it have been so long?

Well, that maybe. Say how are all at home?

At home all are alive, prosperous, and happy.

Well, that's the chief thing.

Truly all is well there, there is no anxiety about that.


Are all the people of the country well?

All are well. Only the great Pandit is poorly.

He has been ill a great many days.

A great many days. Say a long time.

True, his appears to be a chronic disorder.

Does no one now administer medicine to him?

Three or four physicians attend him.

What sort of physicians are they who cannot cure this common disorder?

What can the doctors do? They give medicines according to the shastras, to the utmost of their power.

Then why does he not recover? That is his destiny. Who can hinder what is determined?

True. I suppose this disorder is for his death. What can be done? 'Tis the will of the gods. Man has no power. What can man do? What strength has he? Man is like a clod: which way soever the gods throw him, there he remains, truly. The power of man is nothing at all; all is of God.


The Pandit is one of the principal people in our country; he is an excellent person as it respects learning and judgment. If he go, the learning of our country is gone.