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Aye, is there no one else like him?

Like him! our country will be destitute of investigation. He was all the ability which there was: All others are stupid elephants; only market-going clowns.

God grant that his end may not be yet.

That cannot be known. There is no appearance yet that God will restore him. There is no hope of that.

True, but if God please, he can do it.

That's true—what is there wonderful in that? If it please God he can by a nod change dust into a mountain, or reduce a mountain to dust.


Let that go. When you came away how did it appear? Did you think he would suffer many more days?

I think not. He is not long for this world. The doctors say, Fear not; but we think that is only consoling talk.

What do other people say?

What should other folks say? there is no reason to expect his continuance.

Truly! then this is his boundary.

How are his nephews?

They are great emperors. Who can speak to them? There are no people in our country fit for their company.

Haring obtained the Company's business they are become very rich. There was no other person in our country who could get so much wealth by service.