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Spirit of better days,
                    Do thou recall me,
Let not these idle ways
                    Longer enthral me.
Wake my soul, wake and see,
                    Foes are around thee,
Thou on thy guard must be,
                    Lest they confound thee.

Oh! it is sad to see
                    Hours worse than wasted,
Dash down the cup from thee,
                    Sweet though it tasted.
Wake my soul, oh! my soul,
                    What has come o'er thee?
Quickly the moments roll,
                    Fading before thee.

Think how time hurries on,
                    How life is waning,
How many years are gone,
                    How few remaining!
Is it a noonday rest
                    Thou art enjoying?
Life's dearest, freshest, best
                    Moments destroying.

What right canst thou obtain,
                    Time thus to squander,
Idly in pleasure's train
                    Listless to wander?
Life is too brief for stay,
                    In thy pursuing
Loiter not on the way—
                    Stand not reviewing.

Plan not, from future hours,
                    Moments to borrow,
This day alone is ours—
                    Count not to-morrow.
Learn from time past and gone,
                    Use that now going,
Say not what has been done
                    Up and be doing.