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Think where thou hast to go—
                    Heed how thou goest
How much thou ought'st to know —
                    How little knowest.
Watch well, lest on the way,
                    Passion suffice thee,
Ambition lend astray,
                    Pleasure entice thee.

Why should an angry word,
                    Hastily spoken,
Be like a brandished sword—
                    Strife's deadly token?
Let it pass like the wind,
                    Lightly regarded,
Amply by peace of mind
                    Thou'lt be rewarded.

Why should we wish the right
                    Path to abandon?
Ambition makes the height
                    Too steep to stand on.
Keep the straightforward course,
                    Steadily, mildly,
Nor like a torrent's force
                    Hurry on wildly.

What from wealth can we gain
                    That is enduring?
Pleasure but leads to pain
                    By its alluring.
Now onward and upward, thy
                    Motto should be,
Looking to Him on high
                    Who died for thee.