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Is introduced as a distinct letter, and sounded as ng in ring, sing, wing. See Preface.

Ngad-jo, p.—I.

Ngadjul, p.—I will.

Ngadădja murrijo, v.—To proceed as the messenger, or herald of news, whether good or bad.

Ngagăl, s.—The part of the mouth under the tongue.

Ngaggow, v.—To beg; to ask.

Ngagyl-ya, v.—To steal.

Ngagyl-yang, s.—A thief.

Ngagyn, a.—Stolen. That which has been obtained by theft; as Maryn ngagyn, stolen food.

Ngagyn, Barrang, v.—To take thievably; to steal.

Ngala, p. dual—We two; parent and child; uncle and nephew.

Ngalata, p.'—We; any number more than two.

Ngalba, p.—The piece of string attached to the mouth of the bags carried by the women, to which the strap that supports them round the neck is fastened.

Ngalbărda, a.—Flat.

Ngalbo, s.—An ornamental tuft of emu feathers, worn on various parts of the body, but chiefly on the upper arm.

Ngalganning, s.—Nycticorax. The Ibis.

Ngalladara, s.—A hole completely pierced through.

Ngallarar djinnong, v.—To see obscurely, as through a veil of other like obstruction.

Ngallanang, s.—Evening, twilight.

Ngalli, p. dual.—We two; brother and sister; or two friends.

Ngallin, a.—Crooked; awry. Matta ngallin, crooked legs.

Ngaluk—(K.G.S.) The cheek

Ngal-ya, s.—The arm-pit.

Ngal-yăk, s.—The skin of an animal.

Ngaman—How many.

Ngamar, s.—A hole of pool of water in a rock. See Amar.

Ngamar, s.—Tattooing; the marks of tattooing. The mode practised among the aborigines of Western Australia is to raise lumps of weals on the breast, back arms, and shoulders, by scarifying the skin, and preventing the edges from uniting for a time; and to raise a larger scar that sometimes even apply fire. Both men and women adopt this mode of ornamenting themselves.

Mgambărn born, v.—To tattoo or scar the body by scoring the skin with sharp quartz. This is considered both ornamental to the person, and a proof of the hardy character of the individual.

Ngamiler—(K.G.S.) A species of mullet fish.