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1885 : Honorary Surgeon to the Queen, 1888 : died June 26, 1905.


Son of Allan Cunningham and brother of Sir Alexander (q.v.) : born June 9, 1812 : educated at private schools and at Addiscombe, where his career was very distinguished : Sir Walter Scott obtained a cadetship for him : he went to Chatham and to India in the Bengal Engineers in 1834 : appointed assistant to Colonel Claud Wade (q.v.), the Agent on the Sikh frontier : fortified Firozpur, 1837 : was for 8 years in political employ : at the interview with Ranjit Singh, in the Khyber, at Ludiana, at Peshawar, with the Amir Dost Muhammad at Jammu, agent at Bahawalpur : Captain, etc. 1845 : in the first Sikh war was at Badiwal, Aliwal, and Sobraon : was Political Agent at Bhopal, 1846 : published the History of the Sikhs. This work, though favourably received in general, gave offence to some of Cunningham's superiors, as he stated that in the Sikh war two of the Sikh generals were bought : this was strenuously denied by high officers : the result to Cunningham was the loss of his political appointment and relegation to ordinary duty, on the ground of having used in his History information confidentially known to him in his official capacity. He died at Umbala, Feb. 28, 1851.


Son of Charles Robert Cureton : born Nov. 25, 1826 : joined the E.I. Co.'s Army, 1843 : eventually became General in 1888 : served in the first Sikh war, was at Aliwal, Jan. 28, 1846 : in the Panjab campaign, 1848-9, was A.D.C. to his father : and in the N.W. frontier operations of 1849-52 and 1860 : helped to subdue the Sonthal rebellion, 1856 : in the Indian mutiny he raised and commanded Cvureton's regiment of Multani native cavalry, was present at an action against Sealkot rebels at Trimmu Ghat, and a number of actions in 1858-9, showing great personal bravery : in charge of Intelligence Department in Rohilkund and Oudh, 1858-9 : commanded the Oudh Division of the Bengal Army, 1879-84 : C.B., 1869 : K.C.B., 1891 : died July 11, 1891.


Brig-General : born in 1789 : entered the Shropshire Militia, 1806 : disguised as a sailor, he fled from creditors, and enlisted in a dragoon regiment in 1808 : served in the Peninsula, was in many actions, Talavera, Badajos, Salamanca, Madrid, Vittoria, etc. : gazetted as Ensign, 1814 : worked up to Lt-Colonel in 1846 : went to India in 1822 : was at the siege of Bhartpur, Jan. 19, 1826 : was in the Afghan war, 1839, under Sir J. Keane, at Ghazni, July 23, 1839, and the occupation of Kabul : was at Maharajpur on Dec. 29, 1843 : C.B., 1844 : in the Satlaj campaign was under Sir Harry Smith : commanded the cavalry at Aliwal, and a Brigade of cavalry at Sobraon, gaining the highest praise as a cavalry commander : made A.D.C. to the Queen : and Adjutant-General to the Queen's forces in India, 1846 : in the second Sikh war he was killed at Ramnagar, Nov. 22, 1848.


Born May, 1822 : son of Brig-General C. R. Cureton (q.v.) : Ensign, 13th foot, 1839 : in the 16th Lancers in the battle of Maharajpur, Dec. 29, 1843 : at Mudki, Dec. 18, 1845 : at Sobraon, Feb. 10, 1846 : in the Kafir war, 1851-3 : in the Crimea from July, 1855: Lt-General : retired, 1881 : died Feb. 9, 1894.


Born 1827 : son of Raikes Currie : educated at Eton : entered his father's banking business, which, in 1864, was amalgamated and became Glym, Mills, Currie & Co. : in Dec. 1880, was appointed a Member of the Council of India, re-appointed 1890, served till 1895 : in 1892, represented England at the International monetary conference at Brussels : in 1893 was member of Lord Herschell's Committee, which decided on closing the Indian Mints to the free coinage of silver : was on other financial Commissions : initiated in 1895 the Gold Standard Defence Association : died Dec. 29, 1896.