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364 ii 3-2 f.e. Fergusion, Robert C.: for as attorney-general read as standing counsel to the government 1813-8 and as king's advocate 1818-25
365 i 11 after Melbourne, insert He was director of the East India Company 1830-5.
371 ii 35 Fermor, William, Lord Leominster: after in 1671 insert was elected M.P. for Northampton in 1671 and again in 1679
373 i 3 f.e. Ferne, Henry: omit consecrated 10 Feb., and
374 ii 8-10 Ferne, Sir John: for He seems to have been dead . . . that a John Feme read He was M.P. for Boroughbridge 1604-9, and died before 14 Dec. 1609, when his successor was elected. Another John Ferne
386 i 32 Ferrers, Henry: after Clinton, insert He was apparently M.P. for Callington in 1597.
387 ii 30 Ferrers, Robert, Earl of Derby: for brother read own son
392 ii 8 f.e. Festing, Sir Francis W.: for major-general read colonel
406 ii 18-16 f.e. Field, John: for was born, as is supposed . . . and 1530. read son of Richard Field (d. 1542), was born at East Ardsley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, about 1520.
407 i 20 f.e. for Jane read Jane (d. 1609)
21 f.e. before Foster's York. Pedigrees insert Yorkshire Archæological Journal, xiv.;
411 i 17 Field, Richard (1561-1616): for 1610 read 1609
ii 11 for suddenly carried off read died 21 Nov.
416 ii 31 Fielding, Henry: for general read lieutenant-general
32 after army insert in 1739 (he died 20 June 1741)
425 ii 27 Fielding, Nathan Theodore: for Fielding's four sons read Fielding had five sons, all artists, of whom four
ii 35-36 Fielding, Newton Smith: omit at Huntingdon
430 i 18 f.e. Fiennes, John: before In 1657 insert He was elected M P. for Morpeth in 1645.
432 ii 25 f.e. Fiennes, Thomas, 9th Lord Dacre: for He succeeded read Thomas succeeded
434 i 3-4 Fiennes, William, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele: for the island of New Providence in the Caribbean Sea read Providence Island, in north latitude 12°
26 f.e.
19 f.e.
for New Providence read Providence Island