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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
1 i 3-2 f.e. Finch, Daniel, 2nd Earl of Nottingham: for lord at the admiralty 14 May read lord of the admiralty 22 April
6 i 27 Finch, Edward (1756-1843): for 1824 read 1823
9 f.e. for 1804 read 1802
10 i 14-16 Finch, Heneage, 1st Earl of Nottingham: omit In the same year . . . . Somersetshire.
ii 2 f.e. for daughter read sister
11 ii 36 Finch, Heneage, 2nd Earl of Winchilsea: for but was read and was lord-lieutenant of Somerset from 1675 to 1683. He was
37-38 for the former post read Kent
12 ii 4-5 Finch, Heneage, 1st Earl of Aylesford: omit In 1711 . . . . jewel house.
6 for raised to the peerage read advanced in the peerage
16 after nine children, insert His son Heneage, M.P. for Surrey, was made in 1711 master of the jewel house.
26 Finch, Sir Henry: for (d. 1625) read (1558-1625)
38 for degree, and was admitted read degree. Wood is apparently in error. There seems good ground for identifying Finch with a pensioner of the name, of Christ's College, Cambridge, who matriculated in May 1572 and graduated B.A. 1575-6 (cf. Andrew Willet, Harmony of I. Samuel, pref.) Finch was admitted
13 i 11 for the Inns of Court read inns and alehouses
17 before In 1621 insert In 1614 he was elected M.P. for St. Albans.
14 ii 9 f.e. Finch, Sir John, Baron Finch: for 1614 read 1620
18 i 26 Finch, Sir John (1626-1682): after Oxford, insert was admitted pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 11 April 1645. Subsequently he
29 after in 1649; insert (he was in 1647 incorporated at Cambridge B.A. from Oxford)
20 ii 13 Finch-Hatton, Edward: after in 1718, insert was fellow of Christ's College on the Finch and Baines foundation, 1728-1746,
15 for 1764 read 1768
28 i 12 f.e. Finlaison, John: omit Sir
30 i 31 Finlay, Francis D.: for Mitchell read Mitchel
32 ii 9 Finlay, Kirkman (1773-1842): after advanced type, insert He was M.P. for Malmesbury 1818-20.
10-11 after university insert of Glasgow and contested the city unsuccessfully in 1830
16 for in 1842 read 4 March 1842
46 ii 1 Firmin, Giles: omit Historical