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98 i 14 Ged, William: for 1744 read 1739
16 after 1736 insert (2nd edit. 1744)
102 ii 23 Geddes, Jenny: for (1660) read (1670)
25 after folding stool.' insert Kirkton, writing in 1679, says the woman's name was not known.
34 after Edinburgh.' insert The conflict among early writers on the topic leaves the woman's name a very open question.
36-37 for Although the name . . . . afterwards applied read The name Jenny Geddes is said to have been applied at a later date
38 for likely to make read who made
40-41 for there seems no reason to doubt . . . . in 1637. read (cf. articles by Mr. John M. Robertson in Scottish Leader, Nov. 1889 and 17 Feb. 1890).
113 ii 19 f.e. Gell, Sir John: for John Gell read Thomas Gell
18 f.e. for Millicent Sacheverell read Millicent, daughter of Ralph Sacheverell
13-12 f.e. for In 1612 he married read On 22 Jan. 1609, when only sixteen, he married
114 ii 23 f.e. after ii. 559). insert His younger brother, Thomas (1594-1656), recorder and M.P. for Derby, served under John during the Civil War in 1645 (cf. Reliquary, vol. xi. p. 225).
115 ii 3 Gell, Robert: for (d. 1665) read (1595-1665)
4 before was a member insert born on 19 Feb. 1594-5 (Sloane MS. 1707, f. 13) at Frindsbury, Kent,
5-8 for He appears to have been educated . . . . Cambridgeshire, read He was educated at Westminster School, and proceeded with a king's scholarship to Christ's College, Cambridge, where he matriculated as sizar in 1615. He graduated B.A. 1617-8, M.A. 1621, B.D. 1628, and D.D. 1641, being fellow of Christ's from 1623 till after 1638.
17 for his death on 25 March 1665 read his death at Pampisford on 20 March 1664-5 and after 1665. insert He married about 1644 a lady owning property at Pampisford, in Cambridgeshire, and his widow (Elizabeth) died there, 12 Sept. 1668, leaving a daughter, Elizabeth, who erected an altar tomb to her parents in Pampisford churchyard in 1674. Gell left his books to Christ's and Queens' Colleges, with money 'to buy books,' to those foundations, as well as to the king's scholars of Westminster.
116 i 7 Gell, Sir William: for Bournabashi read Bounabashi
120 ii 7-6 f.e. Gent, Sir Thomas: for Corpus Christi College read Christ's College, where one 'Gent' matriculated as a pensioner in 1548,
121 i 22 for 1506 read 1586
122 i 41 Gent, Thomas: for eighty-seventh read eighty-sixth
131 i 14 f.e.
11 f.e.
Geoffrey (d. 1093): for archbishop read bishop
145 i 12 Geoffrey (d. 1212): for Raine read Dixon and Raine
147 i 12 George I: for 1674 read 1694
148 ii 10 f.e. for 7 May read 7 May 1714
149 i 23 for I Aug. read I Aug. 1714
175 i George III: for Briton (twice) read Britain
196 ii 20 George IV: for see Rawdon, Francis read see Hastings, Francis Rawdon
203 ii 36 after suddenly died, insert He was buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
205 i 11 f.e. George, Prince of Denmark: for Sherburne read Sherborne
206 i 17 for against read for
220 ii 11 Gerard, Sir Gilbert: for 8 Oct. read 8 Nov.
12 for 21 July read 23 July
224 i 4 Gerard, John (1632-1654): for 'Quarterly Review,' March 1886, read 'English Historical Review,' Oct. 1888,
ii 35 Gerard, Richard: for Hansly read Hansby
235 i 15-16 Germain, George S. 1st Viscount Sackville: omit at the age of seventy-four,
261 i 12 f.e. Gibbons, Grinling: after the text insert Cf. Audit Office Declared Accounts in Public Record Office (giving prices of various works)
2 f.e. Gibbons, John: for cathedral church read collegiate church
280 ii 11 Gibson, John (1790-1866): for he won read John Gibson won
290 ii 5-4 f.e. Giffard, Sir Ambrose H.: for Norton read Morton
291 i 2-3 for his relative read his father's intimate friend