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294 i 15-14 f.e. Giffard, Godfrey: for the Giffards of Weston-under-Edge read the Giffords of Weston-sub-Edge
295 i 6 f.e. Giffard, John, Lord Giffard of Bromsfield: after Prince Edward there insert in March 1264
296 ii 12 Giffard, Stanley L.: omit of cancer
300 ii 33 Gifford, George (d. 1620): after ii. 201). insert He took no degree at Oxford and seems to have graduated B.A. (1569-70) and M.A. (1573) from Christ's College, Cambridge. It is probable that he is the George Gifford who, aged 30, was ordained by the bishop of London both deacon and priest in Dec. 1578.
302 i 12 Gifford, Gilbert: for Achin read Anchine
308 ii 13 f.e. Gifford, William (1756-1826): for Halsworthy read Halsbury
311 i 32 for an elegy beginning read an elegy of which the second line runs
312 ii 20 Gilbart, James W.: for and in Spain at Rio de Janeiro, read at Rio de Janeiro and in Spain.
316 i 9 f.e. Gilbert of Sempringham: after Bollington insert near Wragby
323 ii 31 Gilbert, Davies: for Richard Telford read Thomas Telford
326 i 33 Gilbert, Sir Geoffrey: for Remington read Runnington
ii 3 f.e. Gilbert, George: for (1559? read (1555
327 i 1 for about 1559 and read in 1555, and was grandson of William Gilbert of Clare, Suffolk (cf. Vincent's Grants of Arms, vol. ii. 380, in library of College of Arms)
330 i 33 Gilbert, John (fl. 1680): for had a charge in Peterborough read was vicar of St. John the Baptist in Peterborough
ii 23 Gilbert, John (1693-1761): for 63 read 68
337 i 5 Gilbert, Thomas (1720-1798): for George Craufurd read Lieutenant-Colonel George Craufurd
346 ii 26 Gilderdale, John: for Essex read Yorkshire
355 ii 27 Gill, William J.: for 1881) read 1882)
356 i 29 for Baker read Baber
357 i 8 for 1881 read 1882
365 ii 26 Gillespie, Thomas: for the extended read the erroneously extended
370 i 14 f.e. Gillies, Robert P.: add to works 16. 'Ranulph de Rohais: a Romance of the Twelfth Century,' 3 vols., 1830, 8vo.
383 i 32 Gilpin, Sawrey: for Gilbert read Gilpin
397 ii 17 f.e. Girtin: for Mr. Henderson read Mr. Henderson's son
408 i 22 Glanvill, Joseph: for 1675 read 1655
411 ii 18 f.e. Glanville, Gilbert de: for Stroud read Strood
422 ii 8 f.e. Glazebrook, James: for Glasebrook read Glazebrook
426 i 17 f.e. Glemham, Sir Thomas: omit According to Wood
16 f.e. for he read He and omit gentleman
15 f.e. after Trinity College insert which he entered in 1610
431 ii 16 Glendower, Owen: for 9 Sept. read 9 July
433 i 14 for was read was not
15 omit not
438 i 28 Glisson, Francis: for 14 Oct. read 16 Oct.