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Page Col. Line
243 i 17f.e. Alderson, Sir James: for Dr. Lee, a dissenting minister read the Rev. George Lee, Unitarian minister.
15f.e. for clerk to a wine merchant read clerk in the army commissariat
ii 5f.e. Alderson, John: for 1758 read 1757
3f.e. after born insert 4 June 1757
244 i 13-12f.e. omit and several .... Exercises’
251 i 17f.e. Aldrich, Henry: after college insert He was vice-chancellor of Oxford in 1692
252 ii 18 Aldrich, Robert: for 1536 read 1534
253 i 35 Aldridge, William: for Treveca read Trevecca
256 i 17 Alesius, Alexander: after a book add viz. the ‘Loci Theologici’
19-23 omit (The book .... a year later)
264 ii 1 Alexander III: for 1285 read 1286
265 i 10-11 omit who . . . . household
266 i 36 for Lewis read Lewes
ii 23f.e. for 1284-5 read 1284
15f.e. for 16 Mar. 1285 read 16 Mar. 1285-6
271 i 9f.e. Alexander of Hales: for an archdeaconry read the archdeaconry of Coventry
ii 18 for in 1245 read on 21 Aug. 1245 (Le Neve)
282 i 41 Alford, Henry: for in 1871 read 7 Jan. 1871
287 i 15f.e. Alison, Archibald: for (Mrs. Gerald) read the wife of Col. John Gerard, son of Gilbert Gerard [q. v.] and adjutant-general to Lord Lake in India
289 ii 28 Alison, Sir Archibald: for Cutlar Ferguson read Cutlar Fergusson
32 for 1851 read 1850
294 ii 5f.e. Allan, George: for 1812 read 1813-1818
300 ii 19f.e. Alleine, Joseph: for Charles Sanford read Charles Stanford
303 i 13 Allen, Bennet: for Calvert, George read Calvert, Frederick
305 ii 4-5 Allen, John (1476-1534): for even .... till 1515 read at least as early as 1503, when he became prebendary of Lincoln, till 1515
308 i 28 Allen, John (1660?-1741): after patented insert in 1729
310 i 44 Allen, John (1771-1843): after his death insert He was auditor of the duchy of Lancaster from 1841 till his death
311 ii 16f.e. Allen, Ralph: for Coventry, Lichfield read Coventry and Lichfield
313 i 30 Allen, Thomas (1542-1632): for Peleusiensis read Pelusiensis
326 i 23-2f.e. Alley, William: for with the prebend of St. Pancras in that church read and to the prebend of St. Pancras in that church in 1559-60
329 i 33 Alleyn, Edward: for 1622 read 1623
330 i 19 Allibond, John: for St. Mary-le-Crypt read St. Mary-de-Crypt
38 after ‘Clerk's Register’ insert in Bloxam's Register of Magdalen College, Oxford
332 ii 20f.e. Allin, Sir Thomas : for November 1670 read 15 Apr. 1671
6f.e. for 1785 read 1685
358 ii 5-4f.e. Amherst, Jeffrey, Baron Amherst: for and made governor of Virginia read He was made governor of Virginia in Sept. 1768
359 i 20-22 for in 1780 colonel .... the 2nd Life Guards read in April 1779 colonel of the 2nd Horse Grenadiers, transferring him to the colonelcy of the 2nd Horse Guards in 1782
361 ii 7 Amherst, William P., Earl Amherst: add He was gazetted governor-general of Canada on 1 Apr. 1835, on the nomination of Peel, but a change of ministry followed immediately, and he did not take up the appointment
366 ii l.l. Amos, Andrew: after Brompton insert serving from 1847 to 1852 and for 1848 read in May 1849
367 ii 15f.e. after politics insert He died 18 Apr. 1860
369 i 9-10 Amyot, Thomas: for having become treasurer . . . 1823 read as treasurer of the latter society from 1823 to 1847
384 i 19 Anderson, John (fl. 1799): for T. Bursley read T. Bensley
26·30 for His treatment of foliage . . . may be attributed read His treatment of foliage is seen to admirable advantage in the cuts in Bloomfield's ‘Farmer's Boy.’ The first edition of this work (1800) states that the ‘ornaments’ were engraved by Anderson. Nevertheless its cuts have long been erroneously ascribed to Bewick