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401 ii 6 f.e. Andrewes, Lancelot: before His insert From 1589 to 1609 he was prebendary of Southwell
402 i 7 after stall insert (1597-8)
ii 13 after Essex insert He died 26 Sept. 1626
405 ii 22 Andrewes, Eusebius: for Holton read Hopton
421 ii 35 Anne of Bohemia: for duke of Bedford read earl of Bedford
423 i 13 Anne, Queen of Richard III: for seven years old read five years old
425 i 12-11 f.e. Anne (Boleyn) (1507-1536): omit (though . . . descended)
8-7 f.e. for was afterwards made duke of Norfolk read had his father's dukedom restored to him
ii 1-9 for It was Mary Boleyn . . . and being made, read Both sisters spent some of their early years in France. It would seem that Anne, then seven years old, accompanied her elder sister Mary, when she went thither in the suite of Henry VIII's sister Mary, who was married to Louis XII in 1514. Mary Boleyn was in England again in 1520, when she married William Carey; while Anne, who became
11 for she remained there read she remained in France
23-4 for Sir William Cary read William Carey
9-8 f.e. for Sir Piers Butler, son of the Earl of Ormond read the son of Sir Piers Butler, Earl of Ormond
432 ii 11 f.e. Anne of Denmark: for Upslo read Opsloe
448 ii 31 Anne, Queen: after letter insert (the original is at Longleat)
450 i 35-6 omit [for further details . . . Gloucester]
455 i 14 f.e. for flattered read fluttered
458 ii 17 f.e. for Trimmel read Trimnel
466 ii 35-6 for Dr. Smallridge read Dr. Smalridge