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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
3 i 10 Annesley, Arthur, 1st Earl of Anglesey: for 1672 read 1673
10 f.e.
for Strafford read Stafford
4 i 16 Annesley, Francis, Viscount Valencia: for 1613 read 1614
27 before In 1622 insert In 1625 he became M.P. for the county of Carmarthen in the English parliament
8 ii 35 Annesley, Samuel : for the meeting-house read at the meeting-house
33 i 15 Anson, George, Lord Anson: after administration insert He was M.P. for Hedon from 1745 to 1747
36 ii 13 f.e. Anspach, Elizabeth, Margravine of: for 1780 read 1783
37 i 34, 35 for Nevertheless . . . . separation read Three years later they separated
39 ii 30 Anstey, Christopher : after other pieces insert 'A Serious Alarm to the People of Bath' [1772]; 'The Priest Dissected,' an exceptionally virulent satire
34 for was a contribution read and 'Priest Dissected' were contributed
40 i 16 Anstey, Thomas C.: omit at Wellington College and
l.l. omit the government of
ii 30, 31 for he retired from parliamentary life read he failed in his candidature for Bedford, and his parliamentary life ended
43 i 24 Anstis, John, the elder: for 1745 read 1744
31-35 for Although a strong tory he voted . . . among the 'tackers' read As a strong tory he voted for the bill for the prevention of occasional conformity, and his name appeared among the 'tackers'
ii 37-8 for 1744-45 read 1743-44
44 i 20 f.e. for folio read quarto
45 i 10 Anstis, John, the younger: for Coliton read Colyton
11 f.e. Anstruther, Sir John: after 1790-96 insert and for Crail and Anstruther district of Burghs 1796-7. He was solicitor-general to the Prince of Wales 1793-5
4 f.e. for and created a baronet read and in 1798 was created a baronet
6 f.e.
Anstruther, Robert: for June read January 1809
50 i 33 Appleyard, Sir Mathew: for 1669 read 1670
ii 15 f.e. for Headon read Hedon from 1661 till his death
12 f.e. after State, insert was M.P. for Charlemont in the Irish House of Commons 1665-6,
12-11 f.e. for in 1669 read on 20 Feb. 1669-70
8 f.e. for vii. read ii.
54 i 1 Aram, Eugene: for Netherdale read Nidderdale
30 for a private school at Lynn Regis read the corporation school of Lynn Regis
61 ii 6 Arbuthnot, Charles: after St. Ives insert and in 1830-1 the constituency of Ashburton