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115 i 16 f.e. Howell, Laurence: after education insert at Lewisham Grammar School, where he was a foundation scholar, and
117 ii 9 Howell, Thomas B.: for (1815) read (1814)
119 i 23 Howes, Edward: for Goldanger] read Goldhanger]
125 ii 8 f.e. Howland, Richard: omit migrated to St. John's College, where he
7 f.e. after 1560-1. insert He is said to have migrated to St. John's College.
130 ii 32-33 Howson, John S.: for (head-master) read (second master)
57-58 for Collegiate Institution, read College,
131 i 3 for Institution read College
133 ii 57-57 Hoyle, Edmond: for (no copy known) read (1747)
134 i 19 f.e. omit 1st edit. no title ;
136 i 44-45 Hubbard, William: for is believed to have been rescued read was rescued
14-13 f.e. for presented by Eliot's son John to the Massachusetts read was subsequently restored to the governor. It was sold to the British Museum by the latter's great-grandson Peter Orlando Hutchinson in 1884. A copy came into the possession of the Massachusetts
149 i 12 f.e. Hudson, Sir James: for George III read George IV
153 ii 18 Hudson, Robert (1731-1815): after hymn tune insert 'Llandaff'
156 ii 18 Hues, Robert: for Thomas Chapman read George Chapman
158 ii 33 Huggins, William (1696-1761): omit of Ariosto
5-4 f.e. for This has an elaborate preface and annotations. read This translation has been erroneously attributed to Huggins; it is the work of Temple Henry Croker [q. v.]. Huggins only supplied the annotations.
163 ii 15 f.e. Hugh (d. 1164): for Henry II read Henry I
164 i 26 for prince of Wales, read eldest son of Henry II,
165 i 1 Hugh (d. 1181): for years read days
168 i 4 Hugh (d. 1235) : for Lanchester read Launcherley and for west read east
181 ii 6 f.e. Hughes, John (1787-1860): for 1837 read 1832
185 i 11 Hughes, Margaret: for Princess Rupert read Prince Rupert
193 i 37 Huish, Alexander: after election insert to a fellowship
199 i 14 Hullah, John P.: for council of education read education department
201 i 22 Hulls, Jonathan: after sliding scale; insert which he patented in 1753, together with a machine for weighing gold coins;
204 ii 17 Hulse, Sir Samuel: for ninety read eighty-nine
207 ii 27 Humby, Mrs.: for Mrs. read Mrs. Anne
210 ii l.l. Hume, Alexander (1560?-1609): after forms. insert A copy, believed to be unique, of Hume's 'Ane treatise of Conscience,' Edinburgh, 1594, 12mo, is in Edinburgh University Library.
211 i 1-2 omit 'Ane treatise . . . . 1594, 12mo;
215 i 16 f.e. Hume, Sir David (1643-1707): for 1761 read 1701
225 ii 2 Hume, David (1711-1776): for Brigge read Bigge
230 i 8-6 f.e. Hume, Joseph: for and he published . . . . the 'Inferno' of Dante. read (He must be distinguished from another Joseph Hume (1767-1843), a clerk in Somerset House, at whose residence, Montpelier House, Notting Hill, Lamb, Hazlitt, Godwin, and other men of letters met. He published in 1812 a bad translation in blank verse of Dante's 'Inferno,' and in 1841 'A Search into the Old Testament.' One of his daughters, Julia, was mother of Mrs. Augusta Webster, the poetess; another daughter married Isaac Todhunter, the mathematician).
235 i 6 Hume, Thomas: omit [q. v.]
242 i 33-40 Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester: for He attended Henry's marriage . . . . was formally appointed read From Jan. 1420 to Feb. 1421 he replaced Bedford as regent of England (Walsingham, Hist. Angl. i. 331). He had been on 30 Sept. 1419 formally appointed
246 i 18 for imprisoned read ordered to be imprisoned
19 for is said read is erroneously said
247 ii 11 f.e. for six read seven
259 i 13 f.e. Hungerford, Sir Walter, Lord Hungerford (d. 1449): omit after the battle of Verneuil
ii 16 for 1461 read 1464
260 ii 8 Hungerford, Walter, Lord Hungerford (1503-1540): for second wife read third wife
261 ii 13 f.e. Hunnis, William: for the Duke of Devonshire' read the Earl of Devonshire'