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Page Col. Line
268 i 15f.e. Hunt, James H. Leigh: for More than once read Thrice
13f.e. for in each case read in two cases
269 ii 22f.e. for at the close of June. read on 1 July.
277 i l.l. Hunt, Robert (1807-1887): after agent insert [See Mercer, John]
278 i 32 for Sport read Spirit
280 ii 1 Hunt, Thomas Frederick (!): omit (?)
286 ii 2f.e. Hunter, Henry: for Alexander Boswell read Claude rvine Boswell
292 ii l.l. Hunter, John (1728-1793): for 1809 read 1810
299 i 31 Hunter, Sir Martin: for 90 read 89
313 ii 4f.e. Huquier, James G.: for Louis XVI read Louis XV
316 ii 11 Hurdis, James: for the grammar school read the prebendal school
319 ii 37 Husband, William: after Husband, insert shipbuilder and
38 for 1857 read 1859
42-43 omit he ran away .... to Hayle, where
14f.e. after founders insert at Hayle
320 i 29 for 1855 read 1885
325 i 3f.e. Huskisson, William: for the county party read the country party
338 i 25-27 Hutchinson, Francis: omit His brother Samuel .... Donoughmore [q. v.]
349 ii 3 Hutt, Sir William: for Appley read Apley
352 i 12 Hutton, Charles: for Surkes read Surtees
13 omit first
ii 9 for Two daughters read He had issue two daughters
10 omit survived him
13 omit and child
14 for all read they
15 after ii. 957). insert Their son was C. B. Vignoles [q. v.].
354 i 24f.e. Hutton, James: for Cominius read Comenius
357 i 29 Hutton, Matthew (1529-1606): for 1562 read 1561
30 before master insert and next year
358 ii 26 Hutton, Matthew (1693-1758): for Blackbourne read Blackburne
359 ii 9 Hutton, Sir Richard: after refused insert to sign (Dec. 1635)
12 for opinion read declaration
31 for friend read friend and relative
360 i 4-3f.e Hutton, Robert H. : omit who died 16 July 1887,
365 i 14f.e. Huysmans, Jacob: after Dolben insert [q. v.], then
367 ii 24 Hyde, Anne, Duchess of York: for 13 July read 12 July
385 ii 10 Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon: for contained read contains
400 ii 8f.e. Hyde, Sir Nicholas: after p. 42 insert Gardiner's History of England, vii. 87, 109
414 i 33 Ilive, Jacob: for Jane read Elizabeth
419 i 17 Impey, Sir Elijah: omit second in the classical tripos,
436 i 12-13 Ingleby, Sir Charles: for His is almost the only .... practice, read , which was not contrary to rule at the time.
438 ii 38 Inglethorp, Thomas: for St. Buryans read St. Buryan