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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
3 i 2 Owtram, William: for elected to a fellowship read from 1648 to 1657 a fellow
7-8 for was in Lincolnshire . . . . the rectory read was the rectory of Navenby, Lincolnshire, which he held from 17 May 1656 till his presentation in 1659 to the rectory
14-15 for was also for some time rector or minister read was from 1664 till his death in 1679 rector
3 f.e. before 2nd insert 1682,
7 i 34 Oxenbridge, John: for Hasley read Hasely
35 for Loughton read Coughton
18 i 4 Oxlee, John: after leaving insert by his wife, the daughter of R. A. Worsop, of Howden Hall, Yorkshire,
19 i 12 Oxley, Joseph: for Whitfield read Whitefield
23 i 14 Pace, Richard: after same year; insert rector of Barwick in Elmet, near Leeds, 4 Feb. 1519 (Duchy of Lancaster Records, in Public Record Office, communicated by the Rev. F. S. Colman);
23-27 omit It is doubtful whether . . . 1879, p. 1).
35 i 38-39 Paddy, Sir William: omit elected a fellow of his college, where he was
39 after contemporary insert at St. John's
40 after [q. v.] insert and for many years occupied rooms in college.
37 ii 12 Paganel, Ralph: after married insert Avicia de Romeilli and died before 1135; his daughter Alice married Robert de Gaunt [see Gaunt, Maurice de]. Another William Paganel, lord of Routiers, Hubert, and Hambie, married
14-17 omit by his second marriage . . . [see Gaunt, Maurice de].
18 for His son Fulk read Fulk Paganel
51 ii 15 f.e. Paget, Lord George A. F.: for York read Yorke
60 ii 2 f.e. Paget, William, 1st Baron Paget: for The morning after read Three days after
62 ii 9 f.e. for vol. read pp.
65 ii 1 Pagit, Eusebius: for (1551? read (1547?
3 for about 1551 read about 1547, being son of Richard Pagitt, of that place, by Catherine, daughter of Euseby Isham, of Pytchley, and sister of John Isham, of Lamport
17-19 for and commenced B.A. . . . . this seems incorrect read was scholar in 1564-5 and graduated B.A. in 1567-8. He was ordained deacon in London in June 1569, being aged 22, and was rector of Old, Northamptonshire, in 1570.
76 ii 31 Paine, Thomas: for Penn's read Paine's
79 ii 22 f.e. Painter, Edward: for Stratford read Stretford
86 ii 30 Pakington, Dorothy, Lady: for Warwickshire read Worcestershire
88 i 3 after the 'Duty' insert (cf. Atterbury's Sermons, 1737, iv. 45)