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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
19 ii 20 f.e. Rennie, John (1761-1821): after Bridge insert (a copy of Kelso Bridge)
23 i 2 Renouard, George C.: for Sidney Sussex read Trinity
3-4 for where in 1800 he was elected a pensioner. read whence in 1800 he migrated to Sidney Sussex.
26 ii 31 Repington, Philip: after pp. 296-7). insert He incepted as Doctor of Divinity in the summer term, 1382.
28 i 16 for Marmorea read Marmoris
19 for quisque read quique
30 ii 24 Reresby, Sir John: for Moysey read Moyser
36 ii 8-9 Reynardson, Sir Abraham: for Sir Nicholas Crisp [q. v.] read Alderman Nicholas Crisp
37 i 8 Reynell, Carew: omit on 27 Feb. 1663
40 ii 7 f.e. Reynolds, Edward: for Bramston read Braunston
43 ii 26-28 Reynolds, George W. M.: omit in which was published . . . . 'Mysteries of Paris'
28 f.e. after 1879). insert His 'Mysteries of London,' suggested by Eugene Sue's 'Mysteries of Paris,' appeared in a long series of weekly penny numbers.
47 ii 25 Reynolds, Sir John: for (d. 1657) read (1625-1657)
28 after [q. v.] insert and was born 10 March 1625 (Sloane MS. 1707, f. 11)
52 ii 17-24 Reynolds, Sir John R.: for Hall was exposed . . . and he was elected read Hall announced to his patients in a printed circular that Reynolds had succeeded him in practice. Such procedure was contrary to a recognised understanding among physicians, and Hall incurred the censure of the College of Physicians. Reynolds, who was ignorant of Hall's intentions, was in no way responsible for the circular, and was in no way involved in the censure. He was duly elected
73 ii 17 f.e. Reynolds, Samuel W.: after 1855. insert A portrait by his friend, Ary Scheffer, is at Dordrecht.
105 i 21 Rich, Barnabe: for 1620?) read 1617)
ii 14 f.e. for A second edition of his read His
10-9 f.e. for 24 June 1618 . . . its publication. read 14 May 1617. He died on 10 Nov. following, from which date his pension was ordered to be paid to one Bourne (Carte MSS. in Bodleian Library, vol. lxii. p. 290).
107 i 21-23 omit It was reissued . . . (British Museum).
145 i 7-8 Richard I: for From Knighton (fl. 1395) come read A thirteenth-century romance supplies
165 i 6 f.e. Richard, Earl of Cornwall: for 1215 read 1216
173 ii 10 f.e. for New Burnham read Nunburnholme
201 i 10 f.e. Richard of Wendover: after physician insert although all may not be from the same pen
209 i 29 Richard, Henry: for 1894 read 1893
217 ii 1-2 Richards, Nathaniel: for (fl. 1630-1654) read (d. 1652)