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217 ii 2 Richards, Nathaniel: for son read second son (by Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hancock, of Combmartin)
4 for the parsonage there about 1612. read Kentisbury about 1612. His father rebuilt the chancel of the parish church (cf . Inscriptions on Stones from Kentisbury Church Tower)
11 omit appears to have
12-13 for where he was 'preaching minister' in 1654. read He died in 1652 and was buried at Barnstaple.
223 ii 59-60 Richardson, David L.: omit under Macaulay
224 i 5 for 'Bengal Monthly Magazine' read 'Calcutta Monthly Journal'
7 for In 1835 he became principal read In 1836 he became professor of English literature
8 omit Metropolitan and after Calcutta insert largely on Macaulay's recommendation, and in 1839 he was promoted to the newly created post of principal of the college, while retaining his professorship
233 i 16 f.e. Richardson, John (1787-1865): for John read Sir John
240 i 13-14 Richardson, Moses A.: for St. Kilda's Cemetery read the St. Kilda Cemetery
246 ii 13 f.e. Richard, Samuel (1689-1761): for M. Howell read Mary Howitt
247 ii 19 Richardson, Sir Thomas (1569-1635): after 1569. insert He matriculated as a pensioner from Christ's College, Cambridge, in June 1584.
259 i 19-23 Richmond, Legh: omit A library designed . . . Uxbridge Road, London.
296 ii 34 Rigaud, John F.: for younger read second
35 after Rigaud insert (1705-1764)
36 for Girardet read Guiraudet
37 after Dutilh insert (1655-1705)
10 f.e. after baptised insert 9 Sept. 1742
297 i 13 f.e. for 1780 read 1781 and for E. H. Locker read William Locker
12-11 f.e. for including Nelson. read His portrait of Nelson was acquired by the present Earl Nelson for 70l.
ii 16 after Mary insert (1740?-1808)
25 Rigaud, Stephen F. D.: for 1862) read 1861)
l.l. for in 1808 read on 1 Jan. 1808 and for Miss Margaret Davies read Margaret, daughter of John Davies
298 i 4 after death insert on 1 Jan. 1839
7 for 1862 read 1861
ii 36 Rigaud, Stephen P.: for 1857-8 read 1837-8
304 i 14 f.e. Rigby, Richard: for A contemporary of Rigby's said of him read Sir George 0. Trevelyan in his 'Early Life of C. J. Fox' (chap. iii.) wrote of Rigby
306 i 55-56 Riley, Henry T.: omit the residence of his sister
317 i 22 f.e. Ripley, George: for 1719 read 1709 and for 1577 read 1557
338 ii 2 Robartes, Foulk: omit being then of Trinity
15 f.e. Robartes, Francis: after about 1650. insert He was admitted fellow-commoner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 2 May 1663, aged 13.
344 i 13 f.e. Robert II: for 1370) read 1390)
346 i 14 for fifteen read nineteen
348 ii 22 Robert III: for duke of Fife, Earl read earl of Fife, duke
350 i 6 f.e. Robert, Duke of Normandy: for autumn read autumn of 1080
351 i 36 for invaded read prepared to invade
ii 34 for 27 Sept. read 23 Dec.
362 ii 1 Robert (d. 1139): after pp. 251-4; insert Newminster Chartulary (Surtees Soc.);
364 i 22 f.e. Robert de Bethune: for Flanders read Artois
366 i 2 Robert of 'Salesby': for Roger read Roger of Salisbury and for Robert read Robert of Salesby
367 ii 6 Robert of Melun: for p. cxcix read vol. cxcix.
377 ii 22 Roberts, Francis: for About 1642 or 1643 read In 1648(Commons Journals, iii. 148)
398 i 13 f.e. Roberts, William P.: for granddaughter to read descendant of
ii 33 Robertson, Abraham: for astronomy read geometry
10 f.e. after security, insert He was made Savilian professor of astronomy in 1810.
419 ii 10 Robertson, Thomas (d. 1799): for a minister read probationer