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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
10 i 14-13 f.e. Robinson, Frederick J., 1st Earl of Ripon: for the Melbourne ministry consequently broke up and read Grey resigned in July and was succeeded by Melbourne, on whose sudden dismissal by the king (15 Nov.)
17 ii 11 Robinson, Hercules: for Wedman read Widman
13 for F. A. Robinson read G. R. Robinson
18 i 2 f.e. Robinson, John (d. 1598): for 1586 read 1580
ii 35 Robinson, John (1576?-1625): for Mr. Alexander Brown read Dr. John Brown
25 ii 37 Robinson, John(1650-1723): for Hawick read Hewick
28 i 10 f.e. Robinson, John (1774-1840): after Penrith, insert and at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he was admitted a sizar on 1 Jan. 1807,
30 ii 26-27 Robinson, Mary: for royal mistress read mistress of George, Prince of Wales, afterwards George IV
33 i 37 for Wolcott read Wolcot
34 ii 18 Robinson, Matthew: for Dalbran, esq., of Fellcroft read Walbran, esq., of Fallcroft
4 f.e. Robinson, Nicholas: for sub-dean read sub-deacon
39 i 8 f.e. Robinson, Richard, 1st Baron Rokeby: for Elton read Etton
53 ii 22 Robinson, Thomas R.: for Cumberland read Windermere
61 i 1 Robson, George F.: for Fennel read Fennell
2-4 for the eldest son . . . in Lancashire, read one of twenty-three children of John Robson (1739-1824) by his second wife, Charlotte, eldest daughter of George Fennell, R.N.,
63 i 3 Robson, Thomas F.: for Brownbill read Brownhill
65 i 12 f.e. Roby, John: for Last Fiddler read Poor Fiddler
79 ii 22 f.e. Roden, William T.: for Mr. Dew, an engraver. read Mr. Tye, an engraver, who married an elder sister. Subsequently on Tye's recommendation he removed to London to become an apprentice to George Thomas Doo, R.A.
20 f.e. for then took to portrait-painting. read and produced, among much other work, a good engraving of Rubens's portrait of himself. He then abandoned engraving altogether for portrait-painting, and returning to Birmingham rarely left it thenceforth.
4 f.e. for three portraits of Lord Palmerston read two portraits of Lord Palmerston from life
80 i 1 for his sister's house read the house of his sister, Mrs. Tye
2 after illness. insert He married twice and left children by both wives.
95 i 25 Roebuck, John: for Kenneil read Kinneil
104 ii 26 Roger of Salisbury: after minster insert He witnessed the charter issued at Oxford in April
106 ii 15 f.e. Roger of Ford: for and wrote read and while there wrote
14 f.e. for of Savigny, abbot of Schonau read abbot of Savigny
6 f.e. for clxix read cxlix