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107 ii 21 f.e. Roger (d. 1179): for Roger read Robert de Melun
108 i 14 f.e. for [see Henry II] read [see Henry, 1155-1188]
117 i 16 Rogers, Daniel (1538?-1591): after clerk, insert He was M.P. for Newport, Cornwall, 1588-9.
118 ii 13 f.e. Rogers, Sir Edward: after 1565. insert He was M.P. for Tavistock 1547-52 and Somerset 1553, 1558, 1559, and 1563-7.
119 i 17-18 Rogers, Ezekiel: for M.A. from Christ's College, Cambridge, 1604, read B.A. in 1604-5 from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, whence he migrated to Christ's College, Cambridge,
120 ii 20 Rogers, Frederic, Lord Blachford: after survived him insert dying at Blachford, 13 July 1900
121 ii 20 Rogers, Henry (1585?-1658): for Prosse read Prosser
122 ii 8 Rogers, Henry (1806-1877): for Church read Churchyard
36 for twice read four times
17 f.e. after tribunal. insert He married thirdly, in 1842, Emma, daughter of John Watson, of Finsbury Square, London. She also died in giving birth to her first child. Rogers married fourthly, in 1857, Jane, eldest daughter of Samuel Fletcher, of Manchester; she died in 1891, having endowed scholarships in her husband's memory at the Lancashire Independent College and the Owens College, Manchester.
132 i 28 Rogers, John (1627-1665?): for prison-born read Prison-born
137 i 15 Rogers, Nehemiah: for Londini read Londinium
152 i 23 Rokeby, Ralph: for Belfreys, Yorkshire, read the Belfrey Church, York
153 ii 15 Rokeby, Sir Thomas de (d. 1356): for grandfather read grandfather of
31 for in 1417 read in 1415 and 1417
31-32 for next year read in 1418
156 i 18 f.e. Rokewode, Ambrose: for (1518? read (1578?
158 i 18-19 Rolfe, John: for Edwin of Boston Hall . . . of the Rolfes; read the Rev. Whitwell Elwin of Booton Rectory, Norfolk, whose family intermarried with the Rolfes;
163 i 1-2 Rolle, Henry: for which he represented . . . of 1681. read and was elected M.P. for Bridgewater 30 March 1660, for Hampshire 26 April 1675, for Bridgewater again 14 Feb. 1678-9, and for Hampshire again 21 Feb. 1680-1.
166 ii 9 Rolle, Richard: for 1895 read 1895-6
173 i 27 f.e. Rolph, John: for son read eldest son
26 f.e. after Rolph insert medical practitioner, and after Frances insert (Petty)
24-23 f.e. for and was originally brought . . . studying read He was entered as a student at the Inner Temple on 8 Nov. 1809, and soon afterwards accompanied his parents on a visit to Canada. He was there during the war with the United States in 1812, and served in it as a volunteer. On returning home he spent some time at Cambridge, and then turned his attention to medicine, studying in London
20-17 f.e. for But soon abandoning medicine . . . Canada in 1820 read He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple on 1 June 1821. A year before he had migrated finally to Upper Canada, settling at first in Norfolk County (then the Talbot district)
16 f.e. for the bar in 1821 read the bar of Upper Canada in Michaelmas term 1821, soon
15 f.e. for first at Dundas read at Dundas. For a time he was the professional adviser of Colonel Thomas Talbot [q. v.], the colonial pioneer in Upper Canada, but Rolph rapidly developed strongly liberal political views, with which Talbot was out of sympathy
13 f.e. for 1825 read 1824
ii 20 for Russia read Rochester, N.Y. (cf. J. C. Dent's Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion)
25 for the Toronto school of medicine read a school of medicine at Toronto
26 after regularly insert and which was incorporated in 1853 as 'The Toronto School of Medicine.'
31 after crown lands insert in 1851
17 f.e. after racter insert and subtle, comprehensive intellect
176 i 10 f.e. Romaine, William: after London insert (a predecessor of Romaine in the lectureship) and omit happened
9 f.e. omit to precede him in the pulpit