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187 ii 23 Romilly, Joseph: for Whewell read Peacock
38 for registrar read registrary
188 i 4 for Willis, Clark, read J. Willis Clark
199 i 22 f.e. Romney, George: for 1807 read 1870
206 ii 9 Rooke, Sir George: after Portsmouth insert (which he had represented since 1698)
215 ii 6 f.e. Roper, William: for He was returned read He had previously sat in parliament for Bramber (1529), Rochester (1545), and Winchester (1553), and he was returned
216 ii 16 f.e. Ros, Robert de: for Furfan read Fursan
221 i 3 Roscarrock, Nicholas: for Trevernor read Trevenor
6 f.e. for Haworth read Naworth
225 ii 19 f.e. Roscoe, William C.: for a parish school read a private school (St. Domingo House, near Liverpool)
226 ii 26 Rose, George (1744-1818): omit second son of David Rose,
27 after was insert second son of David Rose,
251 i 41 Ross, Alexander (1590-1654): for (1590 read (1591
42-43 for in 1590 read on 1 Jan. 1590-1 (Sloane MS. 955, f. 192)
252 i 18 for Hobbs and Dr. Hervey read Hobbes and Dr. Harvey
ii 10 for Hervey read Dr. William Harvey
255 ii 16-14 f.e. Ross, Alexander (1742-1827): for brother of Andrew Ross . . . Sir John Ross [q. v.]. read the youngest of the five sons of Ross of Auchlossin.
257 i 18 f.e. Ross, Andrew: omit his uncle
266 i l.l. Ross, Sir James C.: for His portrait, by Stephen Pearce, for- read Stephen Pearce
ii 1 for merly in the Painted Hall at Greenwich read twice painted his portrait: one picture is in the Franklin Museum at Greenwich, the other
278 ii 3 f.e. Ross, Thomas (d. 1675): omit a native of Scotland, and
l.l. before received insert may have
279 i 1 for where he graduated B.A. in 1642 read where one Thomas Rosse, son of James Rosse, and a native of Richmond, Surrey, having been educated at the Charterhouse, was admitted in 1639 and graduated B.A. in 1642-3.
281 ii 21 f.e. Ross, Sir William C.: for 1870 read 1800
282 ii 30 Rossetti, Christina G.: for Lavinia read Frances Mary Lavinia
10 f.e. after illness. insert She assisted her mother in teaching a day school at Camden Town, and afterwards at Frome.
283 i 2-3 for As an ardent Italian patriot read As a sympathiser (at least in early years) with the Italian cause
6 f.e. after 1872, insert and 'Speaking Likenesses' (tales for children) in 1874,
ii 2 omit 'Speaking Likenesses,' 1874 ;
6 f.e. for Upon her brother read In 1873, the year preceding her brother
5 f.e. for she felt at liberty to follow read she followed
284 i 19 f.e. Rossetti, Dante G.: for 1826 read 1826-7 (2 vols.)
2-1 f.e. for fourteen read thirteen
ii 9 for two years read three years
15 for July 1842 read Nov. 1841
18 f.e. for Sathanas' read Sathana'
285 i 9 for Madox Brown read the school of the Royal Academy
25-22 f.e. for by which the majority . . . in the least. read which, though he shared in early years to a marked degree, he very soon abandoned.
287 ii 12-13 for procure his removal read he was removed
9 f.e. for when the clouds read just before the clouds
288 i 19 for wrote read completed a still unpublished poem, which was originally composed at a very early date
24 for Mario' read Mano'
29-30 omit originally sketched in watercolour in 1855,
31 after period insert (He had treated the same subject in watercolour in 1855)
22 f.e. for 10 April read 9 April