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289 ii 9-7 f.e. Rossetti, Lucy Madox: for and was brought up on the continent . . . brought her to England, read Her parents brought her to England in 1844, and after her mother's death, in 1846, her father definitely established himself in England.
290 i 7 for (1875) read (1873)
8 for 1874 read March 1874
13 after in 1890 insert a memoir of his father to the 'Magazine of Art' in 1889,
301 ii 19-14 f.e. Rotherham, Thomas: for As the deputy . . . as Prince of Wales, read The temporalities were restored to Rotherham on 10 March 1471-2.
305 ii 3 f.e. Rothschild, Lionel M.: for is now read was from 1885 till 1898
306 i 10 Rothschild, Nathan M.: for (1742 read (1745?
25 for Meyer Amschel Nathan, read Meyer Amschel, Nathan
313 ii 8-9 Rough, John: before Shortly afterwards insert Knox's irregular call was approved by the congregation.
329 ii 11 Row, John (1569-1646): for (1569 read (1568
339 ii 17 Rowe, Mrs. Elizabeth: for It is read It is summarised
347 ii 23 f.e. Rowe, Sir Samuel: for Hawker read Hawsker
362 ii 9-11 Rowley, Samuel: for successively with . . . companies of actors. read with the company of actors known successively as the Admiral's, Prince Henry's, and the Palsgrave's men.
38 after extant. insert In 1602 Rowley and William Bird were paid by Henslowe 4l. for making additions to 'Faustus.' Possibly some of the feeble comic scenes in the extant edition of Marlowe's tragedy, which was first published in 1604, are from Rowley's pen [see Marlowe, Christopher]
365 ii 21 f.e. Rowley, Sir William: for of an old Essex family read of an old family of Warfield, Shropshire, being son of William Rowley of Whitehall, a court official under William III and Anne,
371 i 11-12 Roy, William: for 'Rede me not' read 'Rede me and be not wroth'
383 ii 28 Rudge, Edward: for purchased read possessed
390 ii 13 Rufus, Geoffrey: after 1134 insert certainly after 1 Oct. 1133
21 f.e. after Durham insert (Laurentius Dunelmensis, Dialogi, p. 12)
392 i 2 Rugge, Thomas: after 1836. insert A transcript by J. Meares of the first volume of Rugge's work, dated 1687, somewhat more complete than that in the British Museum, belongs to Mrs. Tucker, 75 Warwick Road, London, S.W.
395 ii 30 Rumbold, Sir George B.: after James Berriman, Esq. insert He was on 13 Jan. 1781 admitted a pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, afterwards becoming a fellow-commoner.
416 i 2 Rupert, Prince: for June read July
3 for Breda read Buda
417 ii 38 Rush, John B.: for John read James
426 ii 11-12 Russel, William: for Anti-Quaker-istica read Anti-Quakeriana
428 ii 33 Russell, Charles William: after Ballystrew. insert His brother Arthur was father of Sir Charles Russell, Lord Russell of Killowen [q. v. suppl.].
430 ii 32
Russell, Edward, Earl of Orford: for La Hogue read La Hague
431 i 28 after 1699, insert He had represented Launceston (1689), Portsmouth (1690), and Cambridgeshire (1695) in the lower house,
433 i 12 f.e. Russell, Francis, 2nd Earl of Bedford: for issue read male issue
ii 34 Russell, Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford: after 1607, insert was M.P. for the borough of Lyme Regis 1610-1,
435 i 17-21 Note that Francis, who is here described as the eldest son, was the second son, and that William, who is here described as the second son, was the eldest son.
454 i 17 f.e. Russell, John (1787-1863): for Mary Augusta, read Mary Augusta Lloyd (a cousin of Charles Lloyd, bishop of Oxford [q. v.]),
15-14 f.e. for one daughter, Mary. read two daughters: Augusta, wife of the Rev. G. Bridges More, and Mary, wife of General Hutchinson.
462 i 16-15 f.e. Russell, Lord John, 1st Earl Russell: for who still (1897) survives read who died on 18 Jan. 1898
473 ii 35 Russell, Thomas (1767-1808): for 'the clerk of the parish' read 'parish priest'
479 ii 36 Russell, Sir William (d. 1654): after Chippenham insert Cambridgeshire
485 ii 4-3 f.e. Russell, William, 1st Duke of Bedford: for second but eldest surviving son read eldest son