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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
10 i 2 Tomkins, Thomas (d. 1656): for Hassingtree read Hussingtree
12 i 13f.e. Tomkins, Thomas (1637?-1675): for 37 read 36
12f.e. for Marton read Martin Hussingtree
16 ii 10f.e. Tomline, Sir George P.: for (Genealogist read (Herald and Genealogist
17 ii 32 Tomlins, Sir Thomas E.: for Shropshire read Herefordshire
47 ii 1 Tooke, John Horne: for 1772 read 1792
56 i 35 Topham, John: for Mapleton read Mappleton
59 ii 14·10 f.e. Topsell, Edward: for although he designated .... Cambridge University. read matriculated as a sizar from Christ's College, Cambridge, in December 1587, and graduated B.A. probably 1591-2, and subsequently M.A. (cf. Willet, Harmony to 1 Samuel)
60 i 5 after patronage, insert He held the living of Datchworth, Hertfordshire, 1598-1601.
20 after the period. insert From 5 Aug. 1602 until 1608 he was beneficed at Syresham, Northamptonshire.
62 i 20f.e. Torr, William: for Warlaby read Worlaby
71 i 18·16 f.e. Torshell, Samuel: for Cole conjectures .... 5882, f. 62). read He matriculated from Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1620-1, graduating B.A. in 1624-5 and M.A. in 1628.
15f.e. for in London, read in London. He was curate of St. Bartholomew by the Exchange in February 1628-9 (Hennessy, p. 280)
98 ii 24 Towerson, Gabriel (1635?-1697): for 1678, &c. read 1676, fol.
105 i 7 Townsend, George H.: for Henry read Herbert
8 for nephew read grandson of John Townsend [q. v.], and first cousin once removed
117 i 6 Townshend, Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend: for Price, read Price. The statesman's two daughters by his second wife were
ii 7 for new ser. read 2nd ser.
8 for 372 read 373
128 i 15f.e.
Townshend, Sir Horatio, 1st Viscount Townshend: for Kennet read Kennett
132 ii 19 Townshend, Thomas, 1st Viscount Sydney: for 13 June read 30 June
133 ii 20f.e. Townson, Thomas: for Blithefield read Blithfield
142 i 25 Tracy, Robert: for eldest son read fifth son
27 after coole, insert and was his eldest son
17f.e. for 14 Sept. read 24 Sept.
15f.e. after vi. 633). insert He was one of the judges who gave an opinion on Sacheverell's trial.
155 i 3 Trapp, John: for Croome d'Abetot read Croome d'Abitot