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163 i 18 Travers, Walter: for lay, however, with Whitgift, who read lay with the crown. Archbishop Whitgift
174 i 25 Trelawny, Charles: after November insert 1688
180 ii 20 Trelawny, Sir Jonathan: omit with the rest
187 ii 12 Tremellius, John I.: for Caius College read Corpus Christi College
191 i 9 Trench, Power le P.: for French read Trench
194 i 32-33 Trench, Richard C.: for He committed suicide read He died
195 ii 10 Trench, Richard le P., 2nd Earl of Clancarty: for English peerage read peerage of the United Kingdom
207 i 1 Tresilian, Sir Robert: for Call. read Cal.
ii 6f.e. after month, insert a famous pirate merchant (d. 1408),
210 ii 14 Trevelyan, Sir Walter C.: for Loft read Lofft
226 i 19 Trevor, Richard: for Bishop's Auckland read Bishop Auckland
233 i 7 Trimnell, Charles: for (1630? read (1630
238 ii 14f.e. Trollope, Anthony: after elder brother. insert He was elected a scholar of Winchester in 1826.
12f.e. for placed his son at Harrow school read removed his son next year to Harrow school
245 ii 20 Trollope, Frances: for 1855 read 1843
25 for her house read her son's house
249 i 30 Trollope, Thomas A.: after Anthony insert in the year 1826
for Alban Hall read St. Alban Hall
ii 11f.e. for 1886, when he paid read 1886. While at home on one occasion he paid
10f.e. for his wife read ‘George Eliot’
9f.e. for Some four years later read In 1890
250 i 32-33 for the heroine of Webster's famous play read the widow of the Imperialist general Pescara
303 ii 13 Tuke, William: for Yorkshire read York
311 ii l.l. Tunstall, Cuthbert: for Tyndall's read Tyndale's
358 i 20·19 f.e. Turner, Robert (d. 1599): for He received his education .... but left the university read He spent some time both at Exeter College, Oxford, and at Christ's College, Cambridge, whence he matriculated in 1567, but he left each university
354 i 7-8 Turner, Robert (fl. 1654-1665): for and educated at Cambridge University. read near Saffron Walden, and matriculated from Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1686, graduating B.A. in 1639-40.
7-6f.e. Turner, Samuel (d. 1647?): for According to Wood .... foreign university. read He graduated M.D. at the university of Padua in 1611 (Sloane: MS. 1729).
366 i 29 Turner, William (1653-1701): for 1600 read 1680
368 i 19 Turner, William (1714-1794): for Lyne read Lyme
374 ii 7 Turnour, George : for Candragupta read Chandragupta
385 ii 25 Tweddell, Ralph H.: for Hawthorne read Hawthorn
392 ii 18 Twiss, Horace: omit editor of the ‘Times,’
19-20 for who succeeded Bacon read editor of the ‘Times’
394 i 21 Twiss, Sir Travers: omit 1.
398 i 18f.e. Twisse, William: omit (ib.)
409 i 85 Twysden, Sir Roger: for in 1823 read about 1815
413 ii 25 Tyerman, Daniel: for Asmotherly read Osmotherly
427 ii 13f.e. Tyndale, William: for On 13 April read So late as 13 April
3f.e. for September read September 1535
428 i 7 for burial read trial
13 for 6 Aug. read 6 Oct.
5f.e. for Europe read England
443 i 29 Tyrrell, Sir John: omit or Alice

Tyrrell, Sir Thomas: for Hanslape read Hanslope
445 i 6f.e. Tyrwhitt, Sir Robert: for 15 Oct. read 25 Oct.
448 ii 1 Tysilio: omit brut