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126 ii 21 f.e. Vane, Sir Henry, the younger: for 1669) read 1660)
10 f.e. for 1661 read 1660
130 ii 14 f.e. Vane, William H., 1st Duke of Cleveland: for whose widow read who married
12 f.e. for married secondly read widow of
11 f.e. omit was
10 f.e. after Rosebery. insert She died on 18 May 1901.
133 ii 10 f.e. Van Mildert, William: omit with it
134 ii 14-17 omit and a replica . . . of the college
17 f.e. Vannes, Peter: for (d. 1562) read (d. 1563)
137 ii 16-12 f.e. Vansittart, Henry (1732-1770): for His youth was dissolute, and . . . . 'Hell-fire Club.' read He was an unruly youth.
6 f.e. after writer. insert In the winter of 1746-7 he took part in the defence of the place, when the French made an abortive attack on it.
138 i 5 after riotous living insert With his elder brothers, Arthur and Robert, he joined the graceless Society of the Franciscans of Medmenham.
139 i 40 for Mír Jafar read Mír Kásim
ii 33 for Amelia read Emilia
38 for Ann read Emilia
140 i 16 f.e. after 367 insert See also Gent. Mag. 1767, pp. 79, 80, 84; P. Auber's Rise and Progress of the British Power in India, 1837, and J. Talboys Wheeler's Early Records of British India, chap. ix.
ii 5 f.e. Vansittart, Nicholas, 1st Baron Bexley: for Amelia read Emilia
141 i 12 after 1812. insert Vansittart had joined as cornet in 1797 the City of London and Westminster Light Horse Volunteers, a fashionable regiment in which he was promoted lieutenant in 1798 and captain in 1799.
144 i 8 f.e. for Lorentin read Zornlin
146 i 20 f.e. Van Straubenzee, Sir Charles T.: for Busby read Buskby
150 i l.l. Varley, John: for Nottinghamshire read Lincolnshire
172 i 3 Vaughan, Richard, 2nd Earl of Carbery: for both honours were read the honour was
181 ii 13 f.e. Vaughan, Thomas: for (Addit. MS. read (Sloane MS.
195 i 5 Vaux, Thomas, 2nd Baron Vaux: after apparently insert in the neighbourhood of his seat, Harrowden
196 i 28 for Gatehouse at Westminster read -Fleet prison
ii 4 for 1662) read 1661)
6-7 for Elizabeth read Eleanor
34 for a daughter of William read a daughter of George, son of William
40 for another daughter read another daughter of George, son
208 i 7 f.e. Venn, Henry (1796-1873): for 1827 read 1826
ii 1 for till 1848 read twelve years
210 ii 27-28 Venn, Richard: omit usually known as the Bangorian controversy,
214 ii 1 Vennor, Henry G.: for and afterwards studied read studying
2 for took read taking
219 i 17
Vernon, Theobald de: for Theodore read Theobald
238 i 16 Vere, Sir Horace, Baron Vere: for 1624) read 1625)
250 ii 19 f.e. Vergil, Polydore: for 1498 read 1503
253 ii 33 after 3rd ser. insert i. 55,
259 i 24-25 Vermuyden, Sir Cornelius: for Stonhouse's Hist. of Asholme read Stonehouse's Hist. of Axholme
262 ii 16 f.e. Verney, Sir Francis: omit Richard
265 ii 35 Verney, Ralph, 2nd Earl Verney: for Ralph succeeded read Ralph, who was admitted fellow-commoner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 20 April 1733, and graduated M.A. in 1735, succeeded
277 i 4-5 Vernon, James: for Staffordshire read Worcestershire
291 ii 14 Vesey, John: after inscription insert adapted from Horace (Odes, ii. 14)
319 ii 37 Villiers, Charles P.: for did not read the committee did not
328 ii 40 Villiers, George, 1st Duke of Buckingham: for 1617 read 1619
332 i 30 for daughter read sister
359 ii 2 f.e. Vincent, John P.: after Donnington. insert Richard Budd Vincent [q. v.] was his brother.