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360 ii 35 Vincent, Nathaniel: for University read College
362 i 33 Vincent, Richard B.: for was a banker. read Osman Vincent was a banker. John Painter Vincent [q. v.] was his brother.
Vines, Richard (1600?-1656): for St. Clement Dane's read St. Clement Danes
384 ii 17 Vizetelly, Henry: for Vizetelli read Vizzetelli
385 i 4 for Boyne read Bogue
386 i 25 after ‘Glances Back.’ insert He was twice married, and left issue by both marriages.
388 i 14f.e. Vokes, Frederick M.: for 10 March read 10 March 1876
394 i 19f.e. Vossius, Isaac: omit the younger
402 i 25 Waad, Sir William: for a mistake). read a mistake for 1580, in which year he received instructions in the capacity of ambassador to Portugal (Sloane MS. 1442, f. 114)
404 i 15 for misread read read
18·19 for the earliest instance, by more than fifty years, read a comparatively early instance
406 ii 13-14 Waddell, Peter H.: omit M.A. (1877) . . . Glasgow University, and
414 i 29·30 Wade, George: for now known as the 33rd foot, read afterwards known successively as the 33rd foot and the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment,
420 ii 10f.e. Wade, Sir Thomas F.: for Lord Loch read Henry, afterwards Lord Loch
431 ii 6f.e. Waghorn, Thomas: for Jan. read June
447 ii 4f.e. Wakefield, Robert: after ‘Catalogue.’ insert Wakefield's transcript made in 1502 is in Sloane MS. 2232 (cf. Ward’s Cat. Romances, i. 919).