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153 ii 27-28 Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton: omit on 18 June 1585 was licensed to marry
29 after Holborn, insert married Thomas Arundell, afterwards first baron Arundell of Wardour; the marriage licence, dated 18 June 1585, was issued to the bridegroom's father,
163 i 8 Wroth, Sir Robert: for Francis Stonard read John Stonard
167 i 4 f.e. Wrottesley, Sir John, 2nd Baron Wrottesley: for was defeated read retired before the poll
3 f.e. for 1825 read 1823
ii 1-3 for his seat being endangered . . . the whig interest, read he was defeated at the poll;
171 i 26-27 Wulfhere: for Barrow in Atwood read Barrow-on-Humber
180 ii 21 f.e. Wyatt, John: after Boulton & Watt insert which was established in 1762
20 f.e. omit about 1744
189 ii 9-7 f.e Wyatt, Thomas Henry: for Anne, sister of Sir Thomas . . . ii. 445). read Anne daughter of George Hillier of Devizes.
191 ii 21 f.e. Wyatville, Sir Jeffry: before The work insert Wyatville was elected A.R.A. in 1822 and R.A. in 1824.
225 ii 10 Wyke, Sir Charles L.: for 1859 read 1860
228 ii 2 Wykeham, William of: after death insert in June 1376
7 after 11 Oct. insert 1376
10 f.e. after 7 Jan. insert 1377
ii 17-19 for and Wykeham bought . . . for Winchester College, read Three years later, in 1380, Wykeham acquired the manor of Meonstoke Perrers from Alice's husband, William de Windsor, who had obtained a grant of her lands after her pardon in Dec. 1379. But it would be hazardous to connect this purchase with the events of 1377.
234 i 39 Wyld, James: after 1868 insert (except for a few months in 1859)
240 ii 37 Wyndham, Sir Charles, 2nd Earl of Egremont: for 1734 read 1735
247 ii 14 Wyndham, Robert H.: for in April read on 8 April
260 ii 22 Wynn, Sir Watkin W.: for 1660 read 1678-9
308 i 19 Yeamans, Robert: for alderman read councillor
316 i 36 Yelverton, Sir Henry: after the university, insert He and his brother Thomas were admitted fellow-commoners of Christ's College, Cambridge, on 1 July 1581. Like his father he was afterwards counsel for the college.
324 ii 30 Yonge, Sir George: after continuously insert (excepting from 1761 to 1763)
31 for 1794 read 1796
332 i 8-11 Yonge, Sir William: for to replace his father . . . to meet on 10 May 1722, read to represent Honiton on 4 Feb. 1714-5,
l.l. for Byng, Torrington, Norris, and Wager, read Byng (Viscount Torrington), Norris, Wager, and others,
339 i 7-17 Yorke, Charles (1722-1770): omit Meanwhile he angled . . . the attorney-general (30 Nov.)
17 for His conduct in this crisis betrayed read Pitt saw in his conduct during this crisis
28 after general warrants, insert At the end of the year he angled for his reinstatement in the attorney-generalship, which his successor, Fletcher Norton [q. v.], was wrongly thought to be about to vacate, in order to succeed to the mastership of the rolls, vacant by the death of Sir Thomas Clark. Yorke also professed himself willing to accept the vacant mastership of the rolls with a salary of 4,OOOl. and a peerage. These ridiculous advances were repulsed by Lord-chancellor Northington, and Yorke ended by accepting a patent of precedence next after the attorney-general (30 Nov.).
340 ii 28 for No. xliv. read No. xlix.
341 ii 27-28 Yorke, Charles P.: for secretary for war read secretary at war
345 ii 21 Yorke, Joseph, Baron Dover: for 1761-4 read 1761-74
346 ii 12-13 Yorke, Sir Joseph S.: for nearly continuously since 1790. read from 1790 to 1806 and from 1818 to 1831, having in the interval represented St. Germans, West Looe, and Sandwich.
13 f.e. Yorke, Philip, 1st Earl of Hardwicke: for brother read uncle
353 i 30 Yorke, Philip (1743-1804): for the dissolution of March 1784 read his retirement in 1781
364 ii 12 Young, Bartholomew: for Twenty-four read Twenty-five