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370 i 20-19 f.e. Young, Edward: for daughter of George Henry Lee, second earl of Lichfield read younger daughter of Edward Henry Lee, first earl of Lichfield
376 i 22 Young, Sir Henry E. F.: for was created K.B. read was knighted
ii 33-35 Young, James (d. 1789): for In July 1778 . . . admiral of the white. read On 29 Jan. 1778 he was promoted to be admiral of the white and in July he returned to England.
400 ii 15 Young, Sir William (1749-1815): omit in the whig interest
16 after Cornwall. insert He was a follower of Pitt until 1801, when he joined the ranks of his patron Grenville.
408 ii 8-12 Zerffi, George G.: omit He was also for some time . . . a biographical memoir.
422 ii 15 Zouche, William la: for (Histories read (Historians
424 ii 37 Zucchi, Antonio P.: after at Reculver' insert (from Keate's Sketches from Nature)
430 i 34 Zuylestein, William H., 4th Earl of Rochford: for In December of this year Rochford showed read In December 1770 Rochford, though still nominally under Weymouth's direction, showed
ii 41 for a master read master