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120 ii 18 f.e. Dawson, Sir John W.: for 1882 read 1881
127 ii 16 f.e. Denison, George A.: omit ninth
132 i 6-7 Dickson, Sir James R.: for New South Wales read Melbourne
ii 17 f.e. omit cultured
for yet he was hardly popular, though read and though he was not cultured was popular, and
for one son and four daughters read six sons and seven daughters
139 i 29 Dixon, Richard W.: for Dr. Giffard read Dr. Gifford
149 ii 26 Douglas, Sir William F.: for 1822 read 1882
180 i 8 f.e. Ellice, Sir Charles H.: for Berkshire regiment read 49th (Berkshire) regiment
183 i 31 Elphinstone, Sir Howard C.: for 1858 read 1855
184 ii 38 Elton, Charles I.: after generation, insert It was largely due to his acumen and research that the chapter of Christ Church, Oxford, was induced in Feb. 1865 to carry out a moral obligation imposed upon them by a conveyance from King Henry VIII, and to endow the chair of the regius professor of Greek (Abbott and Campbell's Life of Jowett, i. 319; Times, 16 Jan. 1865).
185 i 37 omit his cousin,
186 i 31 Elvey, Sir George J.: for 1893) read 1894)
ii 34 for 9 Sept. 1893 read 9 Dec. 1894
200 ii 5 f.e. Fane, Sir Edmund D. V.: for 1880-1 read 1879-81
4 f.e. for 1882-5 read 1881-5, at Brussels March-Dec. 1885,
2 f.e. for 1893 read 1893 to 1898 and at Copenhagen from 1898
202 i 50-51 Farrer, Sir Thomas H., 1st Baron Farrer: for several years read nearly two years
211 i 12-13 Findlay, Sir George: for on 21 May 1892 read in 1892
225 i 28 Ford, Sir Francis C: after made insert K.C.M.G. in 1885
234 ii 34 Fowler, Sir John: for 1879 read 1880
237 i 1-2 Fox, Sir William: for and after doing which Fox was knighted, read Fox had been made K.C.M.G. 24 May 1879.
241 ii 2 f.e. Franks, Sir Augustus W.: for Baron Pichou read Baron Pichon
250 i 2 Freeman, Edward A.: for 7 May read 7 March
251 ii l.l. Fremantle, Thomas F., 1st Baron Cottesloe: for 1826 read 1830
280 ii 20 Gladstone, William E.: for third son read fourth son
35 for Napp read Knapp
281 ii l.l. for Lord Stanley (afterwards read Mr. Stanley (afterwards Lord Stanley and
285 i 28 for James Round read Charles Grey Round
309 i 6 for Samuel Chichester read Chichester Samuel
312 ii 32-5 for The suzerainty of the queen . . . was afterwards disputed. read As regards the power and position of the queen in relation to the South African Republic, the word 'suzerainty' was deliberately not employed, though the precise effect of the disuse of the term was afterwards disputed.
317 ii 9 f.e. for 5,000,000l. read 50,000,000l.
329 i l.l. Goodwin, Harvey: for 1839 read 1840
347 i 14 f.e. Gray, Sir James: for until his death read until 1770
354 ii 32 Gregory, William: for for many years till 1783 read for three months in 1782
358 ii 13 f.e. Grey, Sir George: after local powers. insert He was made K.C.B. in 1848.
361 i 12 f.e. for 1899 read 1898
11 f.e. for 1896 read 1897
ii 12 Grey, Sir Henry G., 3rd Earl Grey: for 1807 read 1806
364 i 19 f.e. for Mr. G. A. Grey read his nephew Mr. Albert H. G. Grey
ii 2 after Earl Grey. insert He was made K.G. in 1863 and G.C.M.G. in 1869.
367 i 36 Grosvenor, Hugh L., 1st Duke of Westminster: for elected read created
377 ii 15 Halford, Sir Henry St. J.: after issue insert His brother John succeeded him
16 for his death read his brother's death
5 f.e. Hall, Sir Charles: for At the general election of July 1892 read At a by-election in Aug. 1892
378 ii 10 f.e. Hall, William E.: for 1886 read 1866
381 i 29 Hamerton, Philip G. : after establishment insert in 1869