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387 ii 22 Harbord, William: for in 1672, when he read in 1661, when he was returned to the House of Commons for Clifton, Dartmouth, and Hardness borough. In 1672 he
389 ii 30 Hardinge, Sir Arthur E.: after colonel-commandant. insert He was made colonel of the Coldstream Guards on 25 Feb. 1890.
395 i 12 f.e. Harris, George: for deputy court judge read deputy county court judge
400 i 29 Haughton, Samuel: for M.D. Cantab. 1880 read Cambridge 1881
404 ii 18 f.e. Hawksley, Thomas: after civil engineer, insert son of John Hawksley by his wife, Mary Whittle
417 i 17 Heurtley, Charles A.: after 1872 insert and with a canonry of Christ Church, Oxford, till his death
434 i 28 Holden, Hubert A.: for College read School
ii 28-34
Note that it was not the subject of this article but Dr. Benjamin Hall Kennedy [q. v.] who projected the 'Sabrinæ Corolla.' At Dr. Kennedy's invitation Dr. Henry Holden, cousin of the subject of this article, assisted in the preparation of the third and fourth editions, issued in 1867 and 1890 respectively.
438 i 14 f.e. Holloway, Sir Charles: for and settled read and retiring from the army in 1824, settled
444 i 4 Hort, Fenton J. A.: for placed fifth read bracketed third
447 ii 8 f.e. Hoste, Sir George C.: for the battles of Quatre Bras on the 16th, and Waterloo read the battle of Waterloo