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flight) were concentrated there, the rotary stability of the aerofoil would be the same as in the actual case, compare aerodynamic wingtcenter, aerodromic radius.

aerodynamic wingtcenter, a point, in a wing of an aero- foil, such that, if the whole liftmg^power of the wing were concentrated there, the rotativ stability of the, aerofoil would be the same as in the actual case; the aerodynamic center of a wing, compare aerodromic wingtcenter, aero- dynamic radius.

wing-cover *'wirj,kAV3z n. same meaning as wingfcase.

wing-covert 'wir^kAvoert n. a covert or coverings=fether of a bird's wing; ony one of the small f ethers which overlie or underlie the flightef ethers of a wing; a covertef ether or tectix of the wing.

winged 'wirjid adj. having or wearing wings : as, the *winged god, Mercury; the *winged horse, Pegasus; (of an arrow) having vanes; fetherd.

winged leaf, (in botany} a pinnate or pinnately divided leaf.

winged petiole, (in botany} a petiole with a thin wing- like expansion.

winged seed, (in botany} a seed, as a samara, having one or more wings or membranous extensions causing it to be wafted by the wind.

winged stem, (in botany} a stem having thin lateral ex- tensions.

winged wind past participle and preterit, see wing (verb).

wingedly 'wirji-dh adv. in a winged manner; en, with, or by means of wings.

wing-end 'wirj,end n. the outer end or lateral termination of a wing or aerofoil ; a wing^tip : as, sliding or swinging

  • wing?ends.

winger 'wirpz n. one who or that which wings, in any sense.

wing-feather 'wirj,fed~3z n. [also spelt wingffether] any f ether of a bird's wing, especially a quilMether of the wing; a wing^quill; a flight^f ether ; a remex.

wing-finger 'win,firjg3z n. one of the fingers or digits, as of a bat (or pterodactyl), which supports (or supported) the wmg^membrane.

wing-fish 'wirj,fi$ n. a flying^fish, especially a flymg^gur- nard.

wing-flapper 'wir^fosepaz n. a bird, such as the pigeon, which habitually flies by means of wingsflapping; a bird which employs flapping flight.

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