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such applications from Nonconformist ministers, and of these I have accepted about fifteen, most of whom have been ordained, and have for the most part entirely justified my action. Several of them are among the most diligent and effective of my clergy at the present time. What happens is this. After receiving the applications and proofs of such men's bona-fides, I require them to become lay-readers in parishes under incumbents of my own selection, and if after twelve months service I get a good report of their life and ministry as lay-readers, I accept them as candidates for Holy Orders. Of course, they must have read, to my satisfaction, the works which at the outset I have requested them to study.”

“But you have a Theological Training College? Are not such Nonconformist ministers required to pass through that before being admitted to the Church?”

“We have a Theological College in the Diocese for the training of candidates for Holy Orders similar to those at Ely, Cuddesdon, Truro and Wells, which is doing extremely valuable work, but the Nonconformist ministers desiring to become Church of England clergymen are not passed through that. Yes; the Theological College has been established during my episcopate—nine years ago. The principal is Canon Johnson, brother of the Archdeacon of the Central African Mission. The College contains accommodation for twenty-