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four students, who are principally drawn from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and from St David's College, Lampeter. As regards lay-readers drawn direct from the ranks of Churchmen, they are examined by a chaplain appointed by me, and, on giving satisfaction in Holy Scripture and the Prayer-Book, I license them on the nomination of the clergymen who desire their services to work in particular parishes. That does not entitle them to preach in consecrated buildings. Their sphere of labour is confined to mission churches and school rooms.”

“May it be taken that what your lordship says with regard to the admission of Nonconformist ministers to Holy Orders applies to the Dioceses generally in Wales?”

“No; I don t think it does. I have ordained such men much more largely than any of my Episcopal brethren. Reverting to the mining population, you must not forget to notice a special difficulty that arises. A large proportion of the population is what is called bi-lingual—the people speak two languages—and the result is that in those parishes you require double machinery, as it were. Two churches and two clergy. I might mention that in colliery accidents like that which has just occurred we have had most noble instances of the self-sacrifice of the clergy in attending to the victims, and ministering to their comforts and the