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I. Of the interview the Curate and the Barber had with Don Quixote about his malady 1
II. Which treats of the notable altercation which Sancho Panza had with Don Quixote's niece and housekeeper, together with other droll matters, 12
III. Of the laughable conversation that passed between Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, and the bachelor Samson Carrasco 17
IV. In which Sancho Panza gives a satisfactory reply to the doubts and questions of the bachelor Samson Carrasco, together with other matters worth knowing and mentioning 25
V. Of the shrewd and droll conversation that passed between Sancho Panza and his wife Teresa Panza, and other matters worthy of being duly recorded, 30
VI. Of what took place between Don Quixote and his niece and housekeeper; one of the most important chapters in the whole history 36
VII. Of what passed between Don Quixote and his squire, together with other very notable incidents 42
VIII. Wherein is related what befell Don Quixote on his way to see his lady Dulcinea del Toboso 49
IX. Wherein is related what will be seen there 56
X. Wherein is related the crafty device Sancho adopted to enchant the Lady Dulcinea, and other incidents as ludicrous as they are true 60
XI. Of the strange adventure which the valiant Don Quixote had with the car or cart of "The Cortes of Death" 68