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LXVII. Of the resolution which Don Quixote formed to turn shepherd and take to a life in the fields while the year for which he had given his word was running its course; with other events truly delectable and happy 462
LXVIII. Of the bristly adventure that befell Don Quixote 466
LXIX. Of the strangest and most extraordinary adenture that befell Don Quixote in the whole course of this great history 471
LXX. Which follows sixty-nine and deals with matters indispensable for the clear comprehension of this history 476
LXXI. Of what passed between Don Quixote and his squire Sancho on the way to thier village 483
LXXII. Of how Don Quixote and Sancho reached their village 488
LXXIII. Of the omens Don Quixote had as he entered his own village, and other incidents that embellish and give a color to this great history 493
LXXIV. Of how Don Quixote fell sick, and of the will he made, and how he died 497


I. The Proverbs of Don Quixote 505
II. The Spanish Romances of Chivalry 528
III. Bibliography of Don Quixote 542